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    I'm just faffing about. I stopped raiding since Uldir in BFA.

    I kinda enjoy Torghast as an affliction warlock. But it's not something I'm doing repeatedly. I was only doing it for the Soul Ash quest. Now I gotta do the crafting part. I'm not sure what comes after that.

    Pet battling, I enjoy getting pet battle achievements. Family Exorcist achievement is pretty tough early on in this expansion because not a lot of people have the perfect answer to some family uses. I gotta level pets up, I think pet battle bonus is coming up soon so I'll be leveling as many pets I can.

    I do callings. Not every single one but whenever I can, I do. Mission table is kinda fun but I do not like having to earn new campaign quests through it.

    Basically, I just exist in WoW. Casually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiteck View Post
    If you are not doing current raiding content, any sort of pvp (arena,bg,rbg) or mythic+. What do you do in WoW?
    Level alts and do covenant campaign. Raids and other similar hardcore content are like sport. You do it, because you want to achieve something, but this achievement doesn't really mean anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiteck View Post
    If you are not doing current raiding content, any sort of pvp (arena,bg,rbg) or mythic+. What do you do in WoW?
    Mounts runs on only one character and that's it. Still kind wish they kick in legacy buff for previous xpacs so i can constantly try my luck for a mount. Mythic Guldan is almost not possible unless u tag along with couple friends. I'm not fan of leveling up alts anymore...maybe Later?

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    4 mythic instances for weekly, raids 2 days a week and, even if i REALLY, hate it, arena, since its the only way to get your gear up at the moment.

    Blizzard, really?

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    Raiding twice a week, keys on other days. And herbing while waiting to get into a key if I cba making my own.

    Force myself into Torghast twice a week. Thinking about doing the Maw, go there and leave after 10 minutes. Staring at my list of characters thinking about what alt to level next but then log back into my main again.

    Things like that.

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    Nothing, unsubbed because wow hasn't changed. Still World of systems craft.

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    I'm a very casual player. Couple hours a night through the week and 0 playtime on weekends. Up to ilvl 191 at the moment.

    Keeping my renown up to date, which means I do world bosses and world quests, and the daily/weekly dungeons. Collecting the 197 armor set from Necrolords, just need the wrist and I'm done, after which I will collect anima to upgrade my sanctum, I really want the portal to Oribos so I can set my sanctum as my hearthstone. Daily farming the mount from the anima collector in Maldraxxus. Working on getting the Shadowlands "epic" achievement (just need a purple neck) which means I'm running a few mythic 0 dungeons and LFR. Still upgrading my legendary, only 210 right now, so I'm running (and enjoying) Tor'ghast two times a week at layer 3 and doing callings for gold.

    Once I get my necklace I will probably start doing some +2 keystones with a little Arathi Basin on the side.
    Necrolord fel fire destro lock.

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