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    Where/How to follow MDI

    edit: nevermind, raider.io does this https://raider.io/mythic-dungeon-int...s/global-cup-1



    I liked watching the MDI this weekend but I don't quite understand all the rules yet. So, I'm looking for a website that does the coverage of the event.

    I am interested in team comps, brackets, results, ...

    Also, why do we have multiple "MDI cups" ? At first, I thought we had one for EU, one for NA, ... but apparently, there was an oceanic team on this one with Echo (EU) so I am confused.

    I usually go to wowhead or mmo-champion for warcraft news but I didn't see a coverage of the event (I may be blind though).

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    The side run is lose lose on the maze. Either it's the same in which case Gargoyles can know the route from watching GG do it

    Kodi nox
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