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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    SL is 2 months old. Content drought x-pac confirmed.

    Yes..ofc "mass unsubs are just on the horizon" - as they were with every doomsayer thread. This time the "mass unsub" will be from the 200 ppl who are left to play the game down to 20
    personally i would say the loot drought would more than a content drought this system cant hold people playing till April at the earliest, only thing holding people playing wow atm with this is the fact that 90% of people need to stay at home still (its maybe 5-10% less that that buy you get the idea)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    Interesting post... So its 'pathetic' to want to announce something at their long scheduled event... Why, exactly, do you believe you are entitled to that knowledge any sooner than Blizzard is ready to tell us?

    If there were 'mass unsubs' 'just on the horizon' every time someone whined about not getting information that they wanted we would have never made it to TBC... and yet... here we are.

    Your entitlement is really showing.
    A lot of strawmen you just built up there. Not a lot of substance, though. I don't think you refuted a single point of mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS View Post
    Yeah, to people who aren't addicted, this is the situation. 90% of the expansion is littered with low quality chore work and people are starting to get tired of it.
    So you are saying you are addicted? and you expect your dealer to supply you more product?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS View Post
    This is such a cope.

    Low quality content is low quality content, just because you treat WoW like any other game and don't play it much, doesn't mean you all of a sudden don't mind the absolute state of shit 90% of the game is in. That's not how this has ever worked.
    So what are you going to do about your dealer providing you 'low quality' dope? That's right. You'll keep consuming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS View Post
    A lot of strawmen you just built up there. Not a lot of substance, though. I don't think you refuted a single point of mine.
    'pathetic' is an opinion... not a fact...
    'mass unsub' really, you base this on what? oh thats right, your opinion again...
    your whiny OP was really light on facts, and really heavy on whining and opinion.

    Do you behave like this when grown ups tell you 'No, you cant have the candy before dinner'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurbz View Post
    What a perfect example of how Blizz cannot win no matter what they do.

    It's been 2 months since launch. 64 days. If Blizz had released a patch already, it would have either been almost completely recycled content or things that people will say should have been in the game upon release but weren't included. Either way, the forums would be on fire with people pissed off that Blizzard was being lazy. And even now, when they look to be on pace to match their 4-6 month schedule for major patches, here we have people complaining that they are too slow.

    You guys wanna know why it seems like Blizzard doesn't listen to the players? Bullshit like this is why. No matter what, they're gonna get shit on so they're just gonna do what they wanna do when they want to do it and anyone who doesn't like it can pound sand. And honestly most of us would probably have the same attitude in that situation.
    I don't think people would be complaining about us having to wait 70-100 days between a delayed launch and a major patch, IF Blizzard would at least announce what is coming down the pipe. The issue right now is we literally have no idea what is coming and it makes it depressing to think about how far off it could be if Blizzard actually makes us wait til April just to play 9.1, after delaying Shadowlands.

    I'm personally hoping for 9.1 announcement ASAP, then 9.2 tidbits and info reveal at Blizzcon Online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    Is this satire?

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    Doing things at higher difficulty is not content, I have always hated this argument. With your logic, we have infinite content because of M+.
    Mythic+ definitely isn't worth the time invested except for the great vault weekly reward. Doing a +15 feels massively harder than a heroic raid boss imo, but drops only 210 loot at end of run. Doing a +7 gives u a chance at 200 loot which can be obtained quicker doing normal nathria which is pretty faceroll.

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