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    [Doomblade] legendary and [Venomous Wounds]

    hi champs

    do the Doomblade legendary bleed ticks trigger the energy gained from Venomous Wounds?

    if yes, then that legendary should be really strong, right?

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    The wording on Venomous Wounds is clear that only effects Garrote, Rupture and Internal Bleeding(if talented).

    In reality, Assassination is such a weak state right now that even if did work, i doubt it would be enough for it to be competitive with the other specs.
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    The funniest part is that some assassination legendary powers have great synergies all-around - Doomblade specifically would call for bleed stacking, so garrote+rupture+internal bleeding (DAMN IT SHOULD WORK ON BOSSES)+crimson tempest+necrolord spike+doomblade itself is like 30% more envenom dmg.

    The problem is that the spec itself is underpowered, has zero burst and mediocre aoe and no actual reason to be played over Outlaw or sub (which is also consistently losing ground).
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