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    Best/worst customer support

    Blizzard always has great customer support. I've gotten refunds on full expansions. Sometimes they RP in their response.

    Worst customer support I've gotten was for a mobile game. (Go figure.) Had to email them multiple times, and they responded with unprofessional language.

    What's the best or worst customer support you've gotten?

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    Toss up between Ubisoft who requires me to write an email to change my default language from French to English and haven't replied to my requests in two years. Or, Square Enix FF14 who insist I do not own the game I played daily for years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidzor View Post

    (my former ISP)
    This, i had problems with mine, 10 years ago to the point i switched to a diferent ISP.

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    Amazon have always been superb with anything I've bought, they are unmatched for me.

    02 are a British phone provider, they have absolutely awful customer service which has gotten even worse during the pandemic. It can be a nightmare to get in touch with them, sometimes when you ring on the phone and want to speak to them the automated voice basically says "go on the website" and then it hangs up. I went down the complaints route on the website just to get onto live chat and talk to them, because if they think you're leaving them then suddenly they want to talk.

    Also BT. British Telecom are an ISP, a lot of people give them a lot of bad rep and say they are horrendous, yet the few problems I've had over the years have been addressed quite quickly and politely. Personally, I can't fault them.
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    My current ISP "Imag!ne" (Ireland). My house phone hasn't worked since last November, connection has been atrocious... completely zero responses through multiple emails and they never answer the CS helpline. Company's a fucking crook, and I'm stuck to a 2 year contract with them with 1 year left still...

    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Sometimes they RWorst customer support I've gotten was for a mobile game. (Go figure.) Had to email them multiple times, and they responded with unprofessional language.
    Funny that, had non-existent CS with a mobile game for a refund... it was one of those stupid automated AI Agents. The game was "Shop Titan".

    Had to go through the bank to get my refund that took a month to. One of those "all sales are non-refundable" tripe these games think they can get away with. Fuck em.
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    Virgin Mobile. They upgraded their network and sent out new SIMs but mine never arrived.

    Spoke to someone on the phone with an unintelligible accent for a half hour conversation that should have only taken a couple of minutes.

    Eventually they sent me a new SIM but it's incompatible with my phone so now I own an expensive brick with a number pad and no mobile phone.
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    I don't really have a bad customer support story, but I have seen first hand how people treat those who work in customer service. I feel especially bad for people who work in Bangalore and have to deal with xenophobic Americans who berate them for 15 minutes straight because they're offended that people speak different languages than they do. They can't stick up for themselves whatsoever or their boss will just shit can them on the spot and replace them immediately because the job pays pennies on the dollar.

    I always go out of my way to fill out surveys and shit to help the people who get my tickets because help desk of any sort is pure suffering and I wouldn't wish that shit on my worst enemy.
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