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    What state is feral druid in at the moment?

    Can Feral compete with the likes of something like monk or unholy death knight?

    Is Feral easy to play?

    Is it really a dot spec like shadow priest / affli lock

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    i dont raid, but wclogs shows ferals right next to spriest and unholy dk.

    My M+ experience has ferals do a decent chunk worse than some FOTM specs like fire mage, but you still hold your own.

    Hard to say about feral's difficulty considering I'm used to it... I think it's decently fine in temrs of difficulty, if you stay calm and take your time, which you have considering you can wait on energy regen, youll do fine. Can't just spam buttons and lets dots fall off.

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    Feral is in in weird spot imo. Feral has high, potentionally the highest, singletarget damage. However, we have no real cleave and while we are one of few who has uncapped aoe, it's very very rarely a thing in raids or m+ if at all. Balance is the favoured spec at the moment, because it brings competative singletarget, burst aoe, the same or better CCs then feral.

    I main Feral, I don't think we needs buffs per se, but some changes.

    I'd say feral is relatively easy to get into, you have talents like Moment of Clarity and Legendary like Cat Eyes Curio to ease your way into the spec. With bloodtalons and Apex/Circle legendary it'll become the average complexity i'd say. Then theres owlweaving and convoke in moonkin form that might put the complexity up abit if you decide to tryhard.

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    It is a DoT spec, yes. More specifically, it is the last DoT spec that uses the snapshotting mechanic. Playing Feral revolves around not only maintaining your DoTs but keeping them buffed as much as possible (mostly with Tiger's Fury). The most common playstyle uses the Sabertooth talent, however, which extends your Rip on each Ferocious Bite, so it may not feel too much like a DoT spec. Most of your combo points will be dumped into Ferocious Bites.

    This makes it a little bit more of a "mainstreamed" spec than the more advanced DoT spec of the past, but it still sort of keeps the unique, slow and methodical playstyle. You'll spend a lot of time pooling your resources and planning out how to spend them. There are also some advanced tricks that let you squeeze out more DPS if you're willing to minmax (owlweaving, moonfire macro, etc).

    Performance wise it is capable of strong single-target DPS and even pulls off impressive burst for once via the new Berserk and Convoke the Spirits ability (if you go Night Fae). It is still lacking in burst AoE, however, making it much less desirable for content like M+ over Balance Druids. It still has the false stigma of being a 'lesser' Rogue too so finding a group for that content will be difficult outside of your guild.

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    Can Feral compete with the likes of something like monk or unholy death knight?
    It has potential. On Warcraft Logs, in raiding, Feral is 10th highest DPS (out of 24) making it in the top 42% of all DPS. While Monk and DK are higher (5th and 7th respectively), all the ferals I see are pretty diehard druid fans and have mastered the class pretty well.

    Is Feral easy to play?
    I can't comment too much to it, I've only really used it for leveling and minor things, but I don't think the spec is super difficult. The biggest I hear is that people can easily screw up its rotation, resulting in a big drop of DPS.

    Is it really a dot spec like shadow priest / affli lock
    It is basically a DoT spec, there's not too much else to it aside from a few abilities.

    One thing I'd leave on a note is that many people discriminate against feral druids. It is much harder to find a group when you're pugging M+ (and I imagine Raiding as well) so be aware of the fact that the community's perception of it is that it's a weak class and that will, unfortunately, impact your experience of it.

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    I can see feral being good in high m+ keys since your bleeds will have time run its full duration. But is lower keys its damage is not that great since mobs will most likely die before your bleeds take its full effect. Also you have to maintain rake, trash PW on all tragets in trash to make PW do more damage so is more difficult to play VS a boomy.

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