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    Question Experienced Progression Mythic Raid tank LF Home

    208 Brewmaster OR 207 Bear Tank LF raiding guild Or Hpal(PvP geared 198)

    My availability is strictly: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday not all 4

    A guild progressing on heroic would be best for my gear but I would like to raid mythic when able too, if catch up help is possible that is not something unreasonable for my abilities. I have always had high raid attendance and comfortable with constructive criticism as well as being vocal in discord.

    Tbh I have been trying to grind PvP and m+ but have had horrid luck with groups on both so my gear is definitely behind. To give you an idea, I did 18M+ and 98 Bgs in a weeks time frame. Grinding doesn't bother me. Just bad luck with groups.

    Previous experience:
    WotLK Healer: 12/12 Heroic
    Cata Tank/healer/dps:
    BWD: Heroic 6/6
    Bastion: Heroic 5/5
    DS: Heroic 8/8
    Skipped MoP
    WoD tank:
    Highmaul: Mythic 6/7
    Blackrock Foundry: Mythic 8/10
    Legion DPS:
    EN: Heroic 7/7
    NH: Heroic 10/10, Mythic 3/10
    Tomb: Mythic 9/9
    Antorus: Heroic 11/11, Mythic 3/11

    Did not play in BFA

    Besides raiding I enjoy running M+ and PvP in RBGs. I am looking for a guild that raids and does things outside of raid. This is highly important as the social aspect of a guild is something I am looking for as well. Guilds that just log in to raid and majority of members log off on non-raid nights is not what I am looking for at the moment.

    TL;DR version: Experienced progression raid tank. Cannot raid outside of my availability. Also interested in healing on Hpal.

    You can hit me up on discord Veganbacon#4706 if interested.
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    Bump still looking

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