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    Do people still hop for herbs?

    IIRC hoping addons stopped working on previous expansions but there are ways to switch servers such as joining a group intended to do another type of content. Is it worth utilizing such things for herb farming now?

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    I just leveled herb/mining and after a while I found that if I found a spot that had 5+ spawns in the immediate area, it was definitly just much easier to join Quest groups over and over as apposed to moving.

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    Realm hopping was 11/10 god-tier in WOD =/
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    Don’t have patience looking for herbs. Rather buy everything from Auction House.

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    This method is just too time consuming but still valid

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    For TBC Classic, there will be implemented delay for layer hoping. To prevent players from explointing that.
    Should make it harder to layer jump for herbs/ore.

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    Do you hop while they are starting off, or while they are standing still?

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    I do not have patience for it, if you have it so it's still valid way to make a herb.

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