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    Quote Originally Posted by Utrrabbit View Post
    Anima.l upgrades your renown, higher renown increases ilvl of wq rewards.

    Not completely useless.
    I dont think any WQ ever offered any relevant reward at all this expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorrowseer View Post
    Eveything in the game is useless.

    Yeah but some things more than others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazu View Post
    I dont understand the hate for the maw or weekly quest for 1k anima. Make the adventure table, download the companion app. Every now and then log in and send anima missions - 30-40 anima per mission, 2-4 per day = 60-80 anima per day for doing nothing but a few clicks on your phone screen. Hell I make about 1-2k gold per day and 100+ anima per character from my table now and it doesnt cost me a thing to do it but a few minutes of time. Its almost like slightly less valuable WoD garrison table.
    Then do the world boss + elite quest for the calling and magically you are pretty much at 1k anima for the week and finished a calling and maybe got a 207 item/or legendary memory if that boss drops one of yours.
    So for flight time + 10mins for world boss and 10-15 mins for elite quest you have done 1k anima, 1 calling most likely and earned 500-2k gold.

    As for maw, go in do a quest or 2, leave. The dailies are kinda worthless, low rep, just do the weeklies. Its not particularly hard overall and easy to get around the area. You get the teleporter pretty early on to get to the far side of the map too.
    God all of this sounds awful. While you're at it, clean the dishes and take out the garbage! It only takes a few minutes so it's fine!

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    spot the difference in these posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Henako View Post
    Gamers rise up! Or something.

    250 anima for a minute and a half of work is fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by chiddie View Post
    You have to change perspective. Don’t see it like a source of drops, see it like a “ hell yeah “ 250 anima WQ that takes 5 minutes to complete and very rarely give also a drop.

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    OP fails at the game, and in the "how to make a proper thread title", dept.

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