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    Exp. Prot paladin 210 lf ce focused guild

    I’m an experienced tank with 211ish ilvl atm. I started several weeks late and came back to wow about 5 weeks ago after leaving during WoD, around two months into BRF. I have a decade of experience in WoW, tanking, and MMOs in general.

    I joined a semi-hardcore guild 2 1/2 weeks ago but it’s falling apart so I’m looking for a guild that’s dedicated to pushing content. I’m looking for a guild that’s pushing for CE (its ok if youre still progressing on sire). I’m looking for raid times during the week post 5:30 PST.

    Most Relevant Experience (leaving out lesser raid clears):
    N CN: 10/10
    H CN: 8/10
    Heroic Lich King 25 - 11/16/2010
    H Blackhand - 03/06/2015
    Wildstar - System Daemons - World 2nd (this is a 40 man encounter that was VERY tightly tuned) - DPS spellslinger. World sub-40th (guesstimating) or so on Genetic Archives (20 man raid) on both my dps spellslinger and on my tanking engineer.

    About me:
    I just turned 30 and I’m a digital product designer in Seattle. I’m firm but chill, I will call out my own mistakes but also do the same to others (in a constructive way). I don’t do drama and have an addiction to bad puns. I love the sense of community of a guild so would prefer non-raid loggers to talk to while doing dailies and other things. I research my specs & roles in and out to get the most out of my character’s potential.

    Other things:
    I’m happy to run through normal/H CN as a trial. I’m leveling a DH and have a 188 BRM but prefer to main my paladin unless we somehow end up completely trash. Happy to go ret as well if a fight requires a single tank.

    Please reply here or my Bnet is Candle#1229.

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    Found a new guild for now that I got AOTC with. Not looking atm.
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