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    [LFG][H][US] 10/10H 210 Aff Warlock + 216 MM Hunter LF Mythic CE Guild

    Must be willing to take both of us, post your contact information and raid times. We are both big pumpers and very strong mechanically. We have logs and past CE experience.

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    Hey! Did you end up finding a guild?

    Add me on Discord: Victorious#8259 if not, so we can talk!

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    I think we are exactly what you both are looking for

    We really need ranged DPS so you'll BOTH definitely have a chance to prove yourself early on!

    a. Join our Discord: 4XWvwgtTU5
    b. Leave a message
    c. I’ll contact you
    d. Begin raiding with us that Tuesday (if accepted)

    Raid Nights : Tuesdays & Thursdays
    11:30PM EST Start Time to 2:30AM EST End Time

    Attendance: 90% Minimum. We raid only 2 days each week.

    Raid Environment: Positive atmosphere with constructive criticism.

    Originally from Sargeras – Alliance; Astro Glide has been around since 2012 (MOP Expansion) achieving CE almost every tier. In Shadowlands we moved over to Area 52 Horde with a major focus on Mythic + and PVP as well as obtaining CE for the end of each tier.

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