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    Help with gear advice resto & ele

    I ran a crap ton of mythic +0 with my guild tonight (all 8 of them with me healing on my shaman with 2 hunters, an ele shaman, and a druid tank that set his loot to balance/resto depending on the boss drops for trinkets). Its all great and everything because my shaman is now fully decked out but I have a problem with deciding for gear to use in my rings & trinket slots. I'm going to post each slot and ask which 2 of the items I should use for each spec resto and ele (main resto but I'm ok if the trinkets are focused on damage instead of healing if it makes more sense for damage trinkets than healing trinkets as a resto spec). I plan on doing M+, raid finder, maybe pugging normal CN, and normal questing/WQ stuff. If using the same 2 trinkets for both ele and resto would be advised I'm ok with that and the same for rings. I'm just trying to see what I can get rid of and what I should use/bag until needed for each of the specs. Thanks for any help. And before I get told to sim myself, sims don't work for healers unless you are talking about their damage output which is why I didn't sim myself to answer my own question before posting here.

    Ritual Commander's Ring item level 184 with socket
    Ritual Bone Band item level 184
    Fleshfused Circle item level 184 with socket

    Darkmoon Deck: Putrescence item level 200
    Lingering Sunmote item level 184
    Unbound Changeling item level 184
    Infinitely Divisible Ooze item level 184

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    Id say Ritual Commander's Ring and Ritual Bone band for both specs. Darkmoon and either Unbound or Infinitely for Ele. Resto would be Lingering sunmote and Unbound. So maybe just use Unbound for Ele so you dont have to keep track of the extra trinket. Look for Crit and vers for resto overall. And if you do start getting new items, always take the ilvl increase.

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    Ritual Commander's Ring
    Ritual Bone Band

    Unbound Changeling is among the best trinkets available for both specs

    Mastery is basically the worst stat for either spec. I prioritize Versatility with a mix of Crit & Haste. I wouldn't stack Haste, but having 10% feels nice. At 220ilvl I have 22% Crit; 20% Vers; 10% Haste. If you enjoy PvP, that gear is basically BiS in almost every slot though.

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    I'm using sunmote and changeling as resto. The raid has lots of predictable dmg and stacking you can line up with.
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    I'd suggest going for the pvp trinkets especially for ele. The insignia and badge are generally good for both also. The badge will line up perfectly with your stormkeeper since both the trinket and stormkeeper have a 1min cd.

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