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    I wouldn't want forgiveness and hope it never comes to that. Partially because it's simply not realistic and makes no sense (we have yet to see a true winner, nor have we seen terms of peace and the admittance of defeat, which is crucial for the reconciliation process to begin) and partially because I want to keep teabagging Alliance corpses forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daronokk View Post
    And it was Sylvanas and the Forsaken that burned the tree. I doubt Orcs, Tauren and Trolls had any say in the matter.
    The fires that burned Teldrassil were enhanced by shamanistic magic. Considering that Forsaken cannot be shamans, I think it's safe to say orcs, tauren, or trolls had some say in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Conceptuel View Post
    Well, let's see, Germany tried to take over the world a good two times and are currently best buds with the people who used to be their worst enemies. If the European Union can exist and be represented mainly by new best buds France and Germany? Peace on Azeroth seems relatively plausible.
    The problem is that it took several generations.
    And a single generation of Kaldorei is the same as the entire existence of humans.

    If we ignore the Kaldorei and similar races and aside we ignore that blizzard is going to force the Horde to start another war.
    If in 200 years it opened peace.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfrick View Post
    All that is summed up. Night elves do not help other races.

    But the Horde and Humans are dedicated to persecuting the other races.

    If all Azertoth were as xenophobic as the Kaldorei there would be no wars. They would all go to the border a lot, and since no one enters the border of the other, they would go home.

    At the end of the day in WoW the Kaldorei are among the Least Xenophobic races.
    Only the races that are directly pacifists are below them. Tauren, Dranei.

    PS: Speaking of the current Kaldorei. Not Ashara's.

    PS2: So if a kaldorei is the one who is going to tell you more times that his race is superior. But if you don't bother them they won't do anything to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geco View Post
    All that is summed up. Night elves do not help other races.
    The night elfs probably hell other races more then any other race in the game helping a new race almost every expan.

    In classic there helping furbogs.
    In tbc there helping the goats.
    In wrath there helping the kirin tor.
    In cata there helping the worgen.
    In mop there helping the pandas.
    Wod is a wash.
    In legion there helping the nightbourn.
    Then BFA they get wrecked.

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