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    Windwalker DW vs 2H, does it matter?

    Like the title says. Does it matter whether you play dw or 2h? And if so which of the 2 is the best? Or will the highest itemlevel always be best.

    Hoping for dw since i dont like to see a weapon on my monk

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    DW is best. Even higher ilvl doesn't guarantee that 2H would be better option so I would suggest to sim possible upgrades. For example I got couple weeks ago 226 polearm as a choice from vault but replacing 226/216 DW with it would have been around -100 dps.

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    Monks (ww and brm) have a "secret" passive, that buffs your damage when using a 2-hander, however this buff still isn't enough to make 2-handers better as you can use 2 enchants with dw. I'd consider taking 2-handers only if the ilvl difference was 10+ ilvls

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