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    The US has an extremely large and expensive rail network. I believe it has the longest network. If not its second. It's incredible for freight which is its main use. The US does not have a real strong commuter line. We have commuter trains for sure but its almost feels like an afterthought. Its mostly due to the US being so large and vast that commuter trains are not widely popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    Such an enormous country and yet they do not transport stuff by rail.
    ....stop trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    Such an enormous country and yet they do not transport stuff by rail.
    IIRC they do move a lot of bulk by railways. Remember that huge accident with the train transporting oil?
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    There are plenty of railway in the US. There's just not a lot of passenger trains because it's the freight train companies who own the tracks, not the government

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    Lets see, a 2:45 flight to LA or a 30 hour train ride to LA?

    Say, when fancy people from Northern Europe go to Tuscany. Do they take the train or the plane?

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    I guess i imagined taking NJ transit trains (NOT subway, trains) for years into NYC, back when we lived in NJ.... I'm also for certain imagining the active railroad we cross every once in a while when going into certain parts of our nearby town (again NOT subway)

    as many MANY people already pointed out, US does have railways. its just easier and faster and often cheaper to take a plane when going cross country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma77 View Post
    I think you answered your own question.
    More of a reason for high speed rail.

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    This is closed.
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