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    I remember how people on buses read newspapers and books. It seems it was so long ago, although it was only 20 years ago...

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    Remember DOS? That shit was great.

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    Trying to print an essay written in edit.

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    I remember when Covid19 hit the scene. Oh, that must've been 40 or 50 years ago.

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    "That's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind."

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    The earliest news I can remember seeing on TV was Bush declaring the Gulf War. The earliest TV program I can remember in general was ALF

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    My oldest memory is eating a banana on the couch with my mom watching the news of the berlin wall fall on our yellow TV.

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    (tried in futility to use some resize [img width={width} height={height} ...]{url}[/img], didnt get it to work, 2h sleep in 48h, sorry :/)
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    Seeing the cartoon transformers movie in theaters, the challenger exploding. Maybe some stuff before that that I’m not recalling. Basically early to mid 80s stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellhound View Post
    I remember seeing Star Wars before it was Episode IV.
    Wasn't it really always Episode IV? Lucas had rough drafts of the first three episodes and settle on the fourth as the one to make when he did. Just the name was changed later?

    Black and White TV? For me maybe?

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    VHS tapes, floppy disks, not having internet or even a computer, having to go to the city to read magazines to learn about news of your interest. magazines were basically a physical internet without the interaction, weird to think about. there's many websites where you can read and provide scans of those if you have some, it's some great memories.

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    Old enough to remember Betamax

    "Would you please let me join your p-p-party?

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    Remember DOS, playing some skii-ing game on it, also Settlers 1 and Warcraft 1. Oh and ofc Win 3.2
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    I remember playing Diablo 1 demo (2 levels, only Knight) and life without a phone or internet (and then dial up)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I'm old enough to remember blockbusters and cell phones only for calling people.
    when people made threads with worthwhile content. now we just get obvious attempts at data farming.
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    I'm old enough to remember Ronald Regan getting elected in 1980. Mom voted against him, Dad voted for him.

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    This sarcastic alien was on my tv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logwyn View Post
    Wasn't it really always Episode IV? Lucas had rough drafts of the first three episodes and settle on the fourth as the one to make when he did. Just the name was changed later?

    Black and White TV? For me maybe?
    No, initial theatrical release was not Episode IV, nor was it A New Hope yet. The first time I saw it, the screen crawl only said STAR WARS. Good times, good times...
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    I remember sitting on my Dad's lap as he was playing Atari Donkey Kong at a friend's house. I thought Donkey Kong looked like garbage and Mario resembled a turd when he climbed up the ladders. Mario's walking sound of "but-but-but-but-but" make me laugh so hard I peed a little then my Dad got mad at me. After that happened, I got up, went to the computer and made this post. I have a bad memory.

    Jk, I was like 3 at the time.

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    I remember that really awkward first 30 seconds to a minute of a phone call when you called a girl at her house (it was the only option) and her parents pick up the phone and chat with you to feel you out until she takes the phone from them.

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