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    Best Loa for Zandalari Monk

    I chose bwomsadi when i started leveling. Now i think the crit one might be the best, or maybe the bleed one.

    Anyone any insight? Playing pure bg and rbg at the moment
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    Go to this link: https://www.wowhead.com/news=290706/...n-allied-races

    Scroll down to the "Choosing your Loa" part and it gives you a list (recommended by the class writers of Wowhead) of which loa blessings are best for each spec. It generally favors Pa'ku in almost all scenarios with Kimbul for multi-target for some specs.

    For WW Monk it's suggesting Kimbul for ST and Pa'ku for AoE.
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    Ty, wil try kimbul first then
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    Aww, I clicked here expecting an in-depth discussion about which Loa a monk would likely worship. You just wanted mechanical advice =(

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