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    we need to focus on the positive. -list your rogue moments.

    ill go first. getting the legendary daggers in cataclysm was the most powerful rogue moment i experienced. and then second would be the legion artifact challenge quest. of course quel delar was the first time i got a decent weapon to use.

    list the moments you enjoyed as rogue class.

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    Being a terror on Timeless Isle during MoP. Xuen cloak + buffs around the zone + being FFA so either side is unsafe.

    One more recently was doing Rated EOTS and both team needing the flag to win. Me just saying fuck it and yoloing and ghosting Blood elf tower and end up killing the druid grabbing the flag and winning the game for us.

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    i think this thread will do nice.

    - - - Updated - - -

    <3 hope this helps everyone out.

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    All of WoD really. I don't think I've ever had more fun in WoW than burst of speed rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    All of WoD really. I don't think I've ever had more fun in WoW than burst of speed rogue.
    Hate that how they were speed demons and no matter what you did they're one end to the other in 15s

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    yea i remember wod was really fun to pvp too as rogue. that was memorable.

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    I remember when sub and combat was fun and then legion come.

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    I remember when Combat was a thing. It was reliable, consistent and enjoyable. Then Legion came and it was forever changed into a RNG lottery pirate spec.

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    guys focus on the positive moments you had as rogue.

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    I raided on my Outlaw rogue in Emerald Knight are and steamrolled the Havoc Demon Hunter with Bis legendaries
    Corporate wishes everyone a happy new year

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    I liked 41/5/25 spec. It felt like it was most suited PvP spec in the entire game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naiattavain View Post
    guys focus on the positive moments you had as rogue.
    ok then. I rember when BC came out, I was leveling a Belf rogue and got into a party in the Ghostlands with two other rogues to kill those two abomb that wander around. In the end we spent all the evening finishing all the quests lines in the zone as 3 rogue party. I felt just right to sneak around in an all rogue party killing our objectives, elites and rares without even being noticed by the rest of the mobs.

    I have been playing this game since almost day one, but for some reason that memory is the first one that comes to mind whenever I think about memorable moments in wow.

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    oh nice these are all good memories.

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    Having a perfect 100% Armor Penetration in Wrath as Combat was fun. Then going into BG's and just 1-2 shotting everyone with my full raid set.

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    Finally learning how to rogue in bgs, and having someone create a level one alt on my server just to trash talk me after a rando bg win.

    When you have a dude having to create a new character on a new server just to rage at you, you know you rogued correctly.

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    Cataclysm legendarys. Wrecking everyone in pvp as sub

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    Trying out Mut for the first time in BC and absolutely falling in love with it. I was trash and was using Eviscerate in BGs instead of Envenom (though iirc back then Envenom consumed Deadly stacks so it was kind of a nightmare to rely on) but it was so much fun. I miss that toolkit; old Cold Blood, still having gouge, 10s of stun with cheap --> kidney, kinda gets me psyched for BC classic tbh.

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    Early cata there was a BoE trinket (i forgot the name) that was basically a flat 30% damage increase or something stupid like that. I remember getting it and doing 2 healer sub rogue 3v3 up to 2200 with a couple of good friends. Just outlasting teams and then deleting people during trinket procs. Rogues were fairly tanky back then with recup, prep, combat readiness etc. Pvp is always much more fun if you're succeeding with friends rather than LFG tryhards.

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    thanks guys for writing your memories for me.

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    One of the best Rogue moments I have had was in 40 man Naxx. On the instructor fight u had to use Shadowpriest to MC a target and then let them tank the boss, as he would just one shot any of the normal tanks. But when the Prists MC broke u needed to have the rogues on top of the threat list to quickly offtank the boss with Evasion, before the next priest was able to MC a target.
    That was one of the most epic fights for me as a rogue.
    Oh and being ranged on Baron Geddon cause it simply took too much time to run back and forth :-)=

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