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    Waking up from bed. I always turn the alarm off thinking that I will give myself ten minutes more. After ten minutes I think to myself that it should be one hour actually and after that I just end up waking up midday skipping academic classes like a true master of life.
    heh i am the exact oposite,i dont like going to bed and cant wait to wake up

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    Taking out the trash

    Seeing my councillor every week.

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    Eating, sleeping, washing, walking. What else?

    Doing my nails.

    Nah this could not be.

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    Laundry. Don't even get me started on my new dryer that pretty much destroyed half my closet before I realized that "medium" is actually scorching hot and you are supposed to put it on "delicate". Fuck. that. shit.

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    Shaving....(Facial hair) Always a pita.
    #TeamLegion #UnderEarthofAzerothexpansion plz #Arathor4Alliance


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    I hate cooking sometimes

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    I would say getting on public transport.
    so do I, it's so irritating

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