Hallowglades is currently recruiting for its heroic raid team. Currently 3/10H. Currently in need 1 tank (preferably someone comfortable with main tanking), 2 healers looking for a priest amongst those healers however the next one we are not too bothered. We are also in need of a minimum of 6 dps, mainly mellee dps. We are not looking for a mage as unfortunately we do already have 2 within the raid group.

We are looking for people who are keen for progression and willing to stick around through a few wipes should they happen. We are a newer guild however looking to progress as far as we can and make the most of the expansion. We are a friendly community running keys to help people get gear and working together as a team.

My in game name is Laydeeshammy OR you can message another staff member of Vensheart or Marilaan.

Look forward to seeing you guys there!