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    My Warlock PvP Wish List

    Here it is another warlock wish list, I think these changes would go a long way to improving warlocks quality of life. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

    1. Baseline Spell Lock.
      This introduces an interesting variety in the demons you can play adding a layer of complexity to the spec. Fighting against a magic class? Maybe the imp is the right choice, fighting against double melee where casts may not be getting off? Summon a succubus to help CC.
    2. Bring back Voidwalker Disarm, or replace spell lock with it if Spell Lock becomes baseline.
      Call it devour weapon, or something. This would add a great defensive option against the melee that train warlocks to the ground, without bringing any sort of Overpoweredness to the spec.
    3. Demon Armor Baseline.
      Everyone is going take to take this talent if a melee is on the other team. It's not fun or engaging gameplay, to have to take this talent. Passive spells should almost never be a talent choice in my opinion. This paves the way for more interesting and engaging PvP talent choices, and maximum health is still a great benefit even against caster cleaves. Possibly bring back Fel Armor healing increase on warlock, but that may be asking too much.
    4. Bring back Dark Regeneration
      It's no big surprise that warlock is lacking in defensive cooldowns. This is one of the big reasons warlocks tend to fall over in arenas. Having a secondary cooldown to press, that doesn't provide a damage reduction, but still gives an increase to survival would be a great addition to any of the 3 specs.
    5. Move Succubus Seduction to a different DR
      Self explanatory here I think.
    6. Curse of Weakness to Damage Reduction instead of time between attacks
      This doesn't need to be a 20% damage reduction, but something like 10% would increase the effectiveness in PvP while not being Overpowered in my mind.
    7. Dark Soul Not Purgeable
      Why is this something that needs to be said.
    Now onto the spec specific changes:

    Revert the spec to Cataclysm honestly, but in all seriousness.
    1. Change how the spec works in PvP vs PvE
      This ties into another change I'd like to see, but this one would need to come first. In PvP DoT damage is increased by X%, and malefic rapture damage reduced by X%. This one may be controversial, but honestly affliction should not be a turret caster doing all of it's damage in specific windows with malefic rapture. Affliction is a DoT class, why do my dots tickle and I have to cast Malefic Rapture to do any damage? This kind of system works fine in PvE where standing still is easier, and you know what's gonna happen next, which is why I don't think PvE should be affected by a change here. Feel free to argue with me in the comments over this one.
    2. Malefic Rapture Applies Shadow's Embrace
      Casting shadowbolt dosn't happen in arenas, we basically miss out on a whole damage increase tool in PvP because it doesn't make sense to cast it. This would be invaluable in PvP, and for all the PvE fans out there, would increase afflictions value in M+.
    3. POSSIBLY:Replace Shadowbolt completely with Malefic Rapture in PvP. Remove soul shard cost, and reduce damage further
      Another change I'll probably get dragged for. Honestly though, I think this spec needs to bring back Soulburn. This will increase the skill ceiling, and allow variations in playstyle. This will vastly aid in survivability with things like Soulburn: Healthstone, Soulburn: Curses replacing amplify curse, Soulburn: Summon, reduces time it take to summon pet, endless applications.
    4. The one on everybody's list: Bring Back Soul Swap
      I cannot stress this enough. What a great mechanic they had, and they threw it out like trash.

    1. Bring Back Ember Tap.
      What a great way to increase the skill ceiling. Am I gonna use this shard to cast Chaos Bolt, or am I gonna use this shard to heal myself while my healer is in CC. Honestly this change would be enough for me.
    2. Immolate Dispell Protection
      When Immolate is Dispelled, warlock gains a Soul Shard, and dispeller is hit with the remaining damage of the targets immolate. Something as important to the spec as immolate which increases the damage of everything else you do needs some kind of protection, it shouldn't be free dispel fodder. A change like this would be somewhat punishing without going over the top.

      If you have other recommendations let me know, I don't play destruction as much as I do affliction.

    1. I don't know if you can fix this spec to be honest.
      Reduce ramp time somehow, but of how I don't know.
      Same situation as destruction, I don't play it enough to see what needs changed. Let me know.

    This is my list of desired changes for PvP, again, this is MY list. You may not agree with me, feel free to discuss in the comments if you don't.
    I personally think these changes would g a heckof a long way to fix warlocks current situation, without bring the class up to gamebreaking levels at all. Just bringing them up to par.

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    Affliction: Remove MR and increase dot dmg, drain soul baseline, talent should be replaced by drain mana, for a rot comp caster, mana has to rot, too not just hp, and its an original concept that fits well with locks.

    Demon Armor should be exclusive for demology locks(and restored to pre nerf values) and removed for affliction and destruction locks, those should recieve fel armor, providing more synergies with dots and drain life.

    Soul Link should be baseline for all warlock specs, but slightly reduced in effectiveness compared to demology, that way its always best to play with your pet out if you must tank dmg or in pvp, i do not like how pets are sacraficed these days this has little gameplay value, sacrafice should maybe only be a talent for destro locks.

    Emper tab and dark regneration bring a lot of flavors back that i like, too, even though, i have TBC glasses on when i am thinking about warlocks as this was my first main in wow a good mix of TBC and MoP class design.

    Btw, anyone remember blood fear?

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