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    Addons/UI for BG’s etc

    Guys Posted in interface section got no response so trying here.

    I'm a returner after 8 years or more, who used to mainly just do PVP (RBG & Arena). Finally got my main to 60 and want to head back into battlegrounds etc but my UI is causing me a major headache.

    When I started again, I've discovered that a load of the old addons I used to use are no longer working with Shadowlands, so I used the Preach ELVUI setup for levelling. I quite like it overall looks wise, but in BG's its a nightmare.

    The ELVUI nameplates, no matter what I do, just create an enormous mess on the screen at chokepoints and I have difficulty distinguishing friend from foe with the class nameplates to the point where I'm nearly going to go back to the blizzard UI )with simple red/green text (thats unexciting but at least you know whats what).

    I think I used to use BattlegroundTargets addon, with TidyPLates, Gladius and DiminishingReturns addon but it doesnt seem to work now.

    Whats the go-to addon for Battlegrounds these days? Anyone got a setup specifically for BG’s?

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    Big Debuffs is a must
    I use Healers Have to Die (HHTD) but is a little bit messy because it can say a DPS class is a healer
    U need one for dimishing returns...i dont have one at the moment but i used to have a good addon for that....forgot the name T_T

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