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    Why does frost simulate so high when it's so far below in reality?

    I'm struggling to figure out the cause of this.
    As it stands, frost mage is currently one of the highest simulated specs out there for single target.
    Yet I'm unable to produce the results in-game and the logs of other mages seems to showcase the same.

    What gives? I'm aware that fire has vastly superior AoE and thus are able to perform higher on fights where a cleave is possible which is pretty much most fights in CN; but what about Shriekwing or Hungering?
    Hell, even in M+s I'm falling behind most players on single-target - especially when the pride buff is up.

    Furthermore, I'm getting some odd results when simulating Incanter's Flow compared to Rune of Power.
    The difference is marginal; yet I see most of the frost mages using RoP in raids. Why? Unless you do it to absolute perfection everytime - which seems silly in theory - wouldn't IF provide more on average?

    E: On an entirely different note; the new legendary changes as well as the buff to necrolords - does it change anything for frost?
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    Well, the numbers for frost are based on a patchwerk encounter where you will benefit the most from icy propulsion, slick ice and in most cases of the nadja Venthir souldbind. This would maximize the cd reduction on icy veins the most efficient way vs a real encounter scenario where you need to move
    Also please don't forget ROP does also leave one cast under you as soon you pop IV and you can also control when you want to use the next one perfectly as well which is less rng than Incanter's flow.

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    I'm sure you already considered this but the current bloodmallet profiles are BiS socketed character profiles, and I'm going to guess you don't have access to that level of gear, IE 226-233 in every slot.
    It could easily be a scaling issue, a lot of classes scale much faster than intended.
    Source: https://bloodmallet.com/chart/mage/f...stingpatchwerk
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    Have to consider this: if a one spec performs highly, all the good players will play it. Therefore, even if other specs are still decent, they will be under-represented in logs. Less skilled player will play them and it will bring the rank of the spec down certain amount. That being said, frost right now has a superior funnel dmg.
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    Simulation patchwerk is basically when you just tunnel the boss and don’t move at all. In reality it’s never like that so you gotta plan everything beforehand and pre move. Also when getting new gear there are always insufficient stats in one way or another. It requires a lot of patience and effort. Also the choice of talents and legendaries is important for each boss fight.

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