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    BlizzConline 2021 - Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 Panel

    BlizzConline 2021 - Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 Panel
    Jeff Kaplan discussed updates on Overwatch 2!

    • PvP
      • New Map - Rome
      • New Map - New York City
      • Role Passives
        • Tanks - Knockback reduction and less ultimate charge for opponents attacking them
        • DPS - Movement speed bonus
        • Healers - Passive Healing after being out of combat for a specific amount of time
      • Change to tank role entirely - more toe to toe brawlers and less about protecting others
        • Examples include 2 charges for Reinhardt's Fire Strike and the ability to cancel his charge.
        • These changes aren't final
      • Combat Upgrades
        • New Sounds for weapons and effects
        • Sounds change as ammo runs low
        • Combat reverb acoustics
      • Sojourn
        • Based around her railgun
        • Success is revolved around aim skill
    • Hero Missions
      • PvE Co-Op Missions
      • Includes hero personalities and story elements
      • Hundreds of missions
      • Different enemy sets and types of missions
      • Can take place in any multiplayer map and includes new spaces in the maps
      • Certain missions can include heavy weather such as sandstorms
      • Missions can also take place in day or night.
      • Characters like Hanzo and Widowmaker become more valuable in weather effects because they can see through the obstructions.
    • New Objective Types
      • Gather and Return - Collect items and return to a point while protecting them
      • "Wall of Death"
      • Scavenger Hunt
    • Progression
      • Level up your heroes as you play Hero missions
      • Skill trees that are customizable
      • Examples include Soldier 76's biotic heal traveling with him or repulses enemies
      • Junkrat duel wielding grenade launchers
      • Mercy area of effect ressing at super long range
      • Shooting through walls
      • Freeze damage or electrical damage on guns
    • Enemy Units
      • Major focus of 2020 was to vary the enemy Null Sector combat to include new units and more exciting gameplay.
      • Breacher - Bomb with legs that heads towards objectives that needs to be killed before it explodes.
      • Flying units with deadly smoke fields
      • Puller has a scary spawn sound and can suck players in
      • Elite units have different behaviors and attacks
      • Chain Hit reactions - enemies that fall knock over their allies
    • New Looks for Heroes
      • McCree, Pharah, Reaper and Widowmaker have updated looks.
      • Face rigs have been improved
    • Story
      • Second onmic uprising - who is behind it?
      • In-game cinematic intros and outros for every mission
      • All available heroes get dialogue for missions
      • How to implement story with gameplay
      • Each story mission has its own map
      • India is one map in story
      • Torbjorn's workspace is also a map
      • Toronto is a map with a dynamic snowstorm
      • Branching dialogue system based on which characters take part in the mission

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    I didn't expect much but certainly didn't expect OW2 to look so very far away over a year after being announced.

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    when they announced it last blizzcon Jeff said it wouldn't be soon, not even Blizzard's Soon™
    I really dont understand how people can think it was "only a year away" or something like that

    as a pure pve player, I like many things about overwatch but I can't bear to play it, I really hate everything pvp related
    so am I waiting for OW2 to play in that universe? yep! but I understand it's still far from release, sad but nothing we can do about it

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    I think this panel was more interesting than the ones from others games.

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