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    Nobody cares that you don't care. What a pointless post.

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    Nope. Cosmetics are no content for me and never motivated me to play the game. There's a mount here and there I like to work for, but I couldn't care less about fluff that's purely cosmetic. I appreciate that others play MMORPGs just for that, it's okay. It's just not for me.
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    I care about transmog stuff.
    Pets, mount, etc, I don't. As long as I have 1-3 mounts I like, I'm happy. I don't need 300 mounts.
    Pets I never cared about. I never even look at that tab.

    But I want all gear transmog in game.
    So much that I created a new account, bought Shadowlands and game time and started leveling an alt there so I can farm those encounters that can't be soloed.
    That's nearly €100 (had to buy the epic edition of Shadowlands for boost) just so I can have a shot at non soloable content.

    Fuck yeah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aviger View Post
    I'm guessing you have only 1 kind of shirt and pants and just wear the same thing every day then? :P
    No, but most of my tshirts are red or purple, because that looks good on me.
    BTW I'm a collector too, I collect real money.

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    I collect a lot of things in wow, but transmog and pets will never be what I do. I just use 1 transmog on my main (tier5 iirc), and thats it.
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