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    afaik both of those games aren't in active development anymore so there wouldn't be any reason to bring them up in a major way. (and i doubt they are starting sequels for those.)
    Hots still has a development team, although it is apparently really small. They just added a new Hero (Hogger) a few weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by munkeyinorbit View Post
    I'm glad you didn't abbreviate as fuck wrong. It's so cringe when people do asf.

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    It's was 14 year olds who made it up. Just because your 18 now doesn't mean it's ruined. It's the grandpas who keep using it that have ruined it.
    It's just as irritating coming from the 14-year olds as it is from older people, so I'll keep my opinion, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morae View Post
    If we cant use the word cringe, then what word would you use? Someone already mentioned secondhand embarrasment, but thats pretty long. I personally had to stop watching because it felt too weird.... or ... cringey.
    How about lame? There are plenty of words that can be used,but people use "cringe" because they think it makes them look hip and cool.

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