Just thought I'd make a thread for those playing Unholy in M+ and what talent build set-ups you use for different weeks.

To help the cause and keep the Unholy dream alive for all of us!

For example, I do not run Bursting Sores pretty much ever anymore. It's all about Unholy Blight. Even on trash pull weeks -- Fortified, Bolstering, Raging -- UB is pulling ahead for me (and I would wager anybody else) when Dark Transformation + Unholy Pact is up. Also... these weeks are perfect for Unholy Assault.

On Tyrannical weeks, regardless of the other 2 affixes paired with it, I'll still run Unholy Blight but swap to Army of the Damned.

Is anybody out there making Bursting Sores work?

Also, is there any situation (in any combination off affixes + dungeon) where people take Death Pact or Wraith Walk over Spell Eater?

Just trying to get M+ specific discussion going. I'd love to see what other set-ups people are doing out there.