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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    I’ve barely tried to pug heroic denathrius, my understanding is that the difficulty being so backloaded makes for a very long, frustrating night in a pug group. Kills the raid for me - I haven’t gone in there in weeks. Also I play a tank and this whole “tanks are made of paper” shadowlands mentality isn’t very fun.
    The thing with Sire is that most mechanics are long, repated and healers cannor really backup for people. Basically, probability of doing errors is very high and in pug where usually it's "if everyone's alive we can do it" it's very hard.
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    I'd say it's good. Usually the entry raids of each expansion aren't great. You have a few exceptions but Naxx in Wotlk.. lame. Uldir.. lame. Emerald Nightmare.. too easy. etc.

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    Shadowlands did't get an entry raid though (in a way), castle Narnia is more akin to Nighthold or Blackrock foundry rather than Emerald nightmare/Uldir/Highmaul.

    But on topic, didn't like the raid that much, seen 7/10 bosses on mythic yet, but i doubt opinion gonna change drastically.

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    I really would like to like it. Imo it is a really nice raid, with nice mechanics and a good pace from start to end boss difficult. (But due to the lack of drops, I hate it.)

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    Bad enough to make me quit after clearing it twice on Normal, couldn't even be arsed to do it on HC.
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    Agree with what a lot of people wrote. Great, fantastic artwork and immersion. The bosses seem to sort of be there for a reason, I like that. Inerva is a really good idea, although I hear on mythic you just bypass all the mechanics. Sludgefist is hard but doable.

    I haven't done H-SLG or H-Denathrius yet. But judging from the LFG tool...there's about 50 groups at any time day or night that are going "to one-shot him."

    I'd still give ICC and Ulduar 10/10, and I suppose Molten Core 10/10 when you consider the info that was available at the time. I'd give Castle Nathria 9/10. There's a few problems with Denathrius and although it's good, there was just something special about Ulduar.
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    I think it's a good raid, fights are fun.

    Glad I didn't have to progress it with the major bugs that the world first guys had.

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