I've pretty well quit playing for the time being, and am doubtful on returning in 9.1 honestly, but I've got keystone master as all 3 roles with my guild and as a tank in pugs. I'm not a massive key pusher but I did a couple of 19's and 20's so I'm not awful but not anywhere near the best.

I have grown to dislike keys mostly because of the community around them, but also because the go go go is tiring. I actually thought torghast was going to be the solution when it was initially announced, but that flopped. I guess it's the boomer in me but I liked dungeon diving, not speed racing. With guildies I watched cooldowns called out which dps cooldowns and what cc to use and pack to pack to pack, and honestly I don't really remember a helluva lot about them. For the countless dungeons run, I have only a couple memories that stand out, between BFA and Shadowlands. Going all the way back to Mists at least the challenge modes had the options of trying out lots of different gear combos because the gear was normalized.

I will say though this launch was the absolute worst for pugging my warrior through keystone master. I had little trouble with groups as I mostly only ran my own keys, but the number of people who were clearly carried to their own keystone master was absurd. Even when I was on lower keys I remember all the people who had 1 or 2 +15 all from a SA server or an Illidian/Area 52 guild. Then nothing timed going down to sub 10's sometimes. Raider io was a start but I felt like I was a detective with all the terrible boomkin/mages and often didn't invite either.

But I after the launch fun, I quit doing it for fun and only for loot. I agree with OP on that, it was easy loot that felt mandatory for mythic progression, and the moment people quit running them I didn't miss it at all.