View Poll Results: How much powefull in game you wanna be?

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  • I wanna be strong just to complete the challenge i like

    3 18.75%
  • I want that the challenge grown like me so is a neverending effort

    5 31.25%
  • I want to be strong to trivialize all the content in a easy way

    4 25.00%
  • I want some challege at the begining but then trivialize all the content

    6 37.50%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    How much do you wanna be powefull in game?

    I think this is never been asked properly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarnage86 View Post
    I think this is never been asked properly
    You should probably extend a bit on what exactly you want us to answer, there's different ways to be "powerful"

    Do we want to feel "stronger than the enemies in the world"
    Do we want to be "demi-gods"
    Etc :]

    Was that poll always there? Nvm me then *editted*

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    Every expansion the wildlife gets stronger... imagine if that Boar in SL attacked during Vanilla, Azeroth would have been screwed!

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    Obviously there is only one correct answer.

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    The poll options are a bit too general.

    I want open world grinds to be trivialized rather quickly - like, be super easy by the time I got mythic/raid loot.
    I love m+ scaling with me and would keep it that way.

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    I want to still potentially die from gorn nibblers biting me as I round 30 up for a quest but also to one shot ogre bosses from WOD

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