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    Question Ready Check Sound - How to reduce volume / remove?

    Hi everyone,

    I started finding the ready check sound really loud and obnoxious, i'd love to lower the volume or just remove it.
    Any ideas how? I tried to find addons that do this or configs in dbm/bigwigs but no luck there.


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    It may be possible by using a mute add-on to mute the sound and then a separate add-on to play a custom sound file when a ready check is triggered. The easiest way is to turn down your master volume while turning up all the other volume sliders to compensate. All UI sounds use the SFX channel if you want to try just lowering that, but various raid add-ons may play the sound on the master channel instead.

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    First of all, for reference, you can find all sound files and stuff using this search tool:

    Blizzard using ogg files as sound files. The file you want to replace is called readycheck.ogg

    1. Open File Explorer.
    2. Browse to your WoW folder
    3. Open the _retail_ folder
    4. Create a new folder named sound and open it
    5. Create a new folder named interface and open it
    6. put your version of readycheck.ogg in there

    I have not tested this method and the info is from 2018 and may be out of date. I have heard things may have changed in 9.0. Maybe caps are important when it comes to file names and folder names as well.


    - - - Updated - - -

    I guess maybe Blizzard disabled the method I just posted in 9.0 to combat datamining.

    There is an addon to modify gun sounds that works for 9.0. I bet it can be modified for any file, including readychecks.



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    Looks like to mute the original readycheck sound you do a

    /run MuteSoundFile(567409)

    Then you have to listen to event that fires when a ready check is performed and play your own sound. That event is called READY_CHECK

    So you will need an addon like

    1. make a new folder in your addons folder called kokoRC

    2. make new a new file in there called kokoRC.lua and paste the following in there.

    local kokoRC = CreateFrame("frame")
    kokoRC:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...) if self[event] then return self[event](self, event, ...) end end)
    function kokoRC:ADDON_LOADED(event, addon)
    	SlashCmdList.KOKORC = function(msg) self:OnSlash(msg) end
     	SLASH_KOKORC1 = "/kokoRC"
    function kokoRC:OnSlash(msg)
    	DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("This is a test")
      	if (not msg or msg == "") then
       	local cmd, args;
       	_,_,cmd = string.find(msg, "^(%a+)");
       	if not cmd then cmd = "help"; end
       	cmd = string.lower(cmd);
      	 _,_,args = string.find(msg, "^%a+ (.*)");
       	if (cmd == "blah") then
    function kokoRC:Usage()
    	DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("This is a usage test.")
    function kokoRC:READY_CHECK(event, addon)
    3. Make a new file called kokoRC.toc and paste this in there

    ## Interface: 90000
    ## Title: kokoRC |cff7fff7f by Kokolums|r
    ## Notes: new readycheck sound!
    ## Author: Kokolums
    4. put your new custom readycheck sound in that folder as well as an ogg file and name it mysound.ogg
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    Thank you both, ill try those methods. Cheers!

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