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    Lightbulb [ how-to ] add notes on players in Raider.io addon

    Q: can i add notes on players in Raider.io addon?
    A: Yes. But it requires some coding skill. And you will need to update this every time you redownload the addon (might still work if you just transfer the old files into the new download)

    1. Go to your addons folder and into the raider.io folder.
    2. Open core.lua.
    3. Press ctrl-a to highlight everything in the file.
    4. Copy that to the clipboard.
    5. Go to some online lua editor (for the purpose of finding line numbers) or use your own if it has line numbers and copy the code in there to get the line number.
    6. Go to line# 3455
    6a. If you cant get line numbers search core.lua for the phrase: if easteregg then
    6b. Go to the THIRD instance of that phrase and make a newline AFTER the next END statement you see (we will put the code here)
    7. OPTIONAL put a comment here first with a strange word in order to revisit this spot in the code easily like
    8. Add this code (replace my name your toon name)

    if (profile.name == "Kokolums") then
    tooltip:AddLine("hi there Kokolums!", 0.9, 0.8, 0.5)
    That will put a note wherever you find that name. In who lists, in guild lists, anywhere the rio tooltip pops up.

    If you want to also check for realm name then change it to:

    if (profile.name == "Kokolums" and realm.name == "Arthas") then
    tooltip:AddLine("hi there Kokolums!", 0.9, 0.8, 0.5)
    Again, you'll need to change my name in the code to the name of the person you want the note on, as well as the correct realm name.

    You can keep adding more code for every player you want a note on in this fashion.

    If you have a lot of players you want to have notes on, then you might want to actually define a variable to house names and realms and calling it at this spot in the code to check them all. But I think I've given you a head start here.

    If you still can't find the spot to put the code, it is here:

                            elseif isOutdated then
                            local secondsRemainingUntilBlocked = ns.OUTDATED_BLOCK_CUTOFF - isOutdated - ns.OUTDATED_CUTOFF
                            local numDays = floor(secondsRemainingUntilBlocked / 86400 + 0.5)
                            local numHours = floor(secondsRemainingUntilBlocked / 3600 + 0.5)
                            local numMinutes = floor(secondsRemainingUntilBlocked / 60 + 0.5)
                            if numDays >= 2 then
                                tooltip:AddLine(format(L.OUTDATED_EXPIRES_IN_DAYS, numDays), 1, 0.85, 0)
                            elseif numHours > 1 then
                                tooltip:AddLine(format(L.OUTDATED_EXPIRES_IN_HOURS, numHours), 1, 0.85, 0)
                            elseif numMinutes > 0 then
                                tooltip:AddLine(format(L.OUTDATED_EXPIRES_IN_MINUTES, numMinutes), 1, 0.85, 0)
                                tooltip:AddLine(L.OUTDATED_EXPIRED_TITLE, 1, 0.85, 0)
                            tooltip:AddLine(format(L.OUTDATED_DOWNLOAD_LINK, ns.RAIDERIO_ADDON_DOWNLOAD_URL), 1, 1, 1)
                            if showPadding and easterEgg then
                                tooltip:AddLine(" ")
                        if easterEgg then
                            tooltip:AddLine(easterEgg, 0.9, 0.8, 0.5)
                        if (profile.name == "Kokolums") then
                        tooltip:AddLine("hi there Kokolums!", 0.9, 0.8, 0.5)
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    Very interesting, thanks!

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