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    Issues with Tricks


    Question in regards to Tricks of the Trade. (hope it hasnt been asked already as I havent seen it)

    - Am I the only one that has problem with Tricks not working as intended?

    What happens is often that I put tricks on a tank, and then go hit the boss. The boss will then for a split second turn at me and melee hit me, before realising that the agro is reverted to the tank. It is only as Outlaw I see this though. When changing to Sub it works as intended.

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    Same here. I think it was already present in BFA. In Legion it behaved as expected, as far as I can remember.

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    Is the boss static? If yes it happens when tank is not in melee range

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    Yeah this happens to me. The way I see it, in order to get the hit you must first unstealth very, very briefly before and the boss attacks you. The second your melee they then go for the tank, but they seem to have a 0 swing timer on pull. The solution for now is to let the boss be body pulled (or any other kind of pull) before you do your first hit.

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    Boss mechanics are different from normal mobs with tricks/MD. Sometimes even having a tank/your tricks target in melee range doesn't work, they have to hit the boss first.

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    It was like that since they implemented it I think. For the bosses you have to wait a second before attacking them.

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    Bosses / Trash-mobs the issue is the same it seems. And no, i'm pretty sure it wasn't behaving as such in BfA
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    Speaking about Tricks, I wonder if they'll ever change so we can put tricks on a mounted tank. I can see one or two downsides with it but it's silly you can't since most tanks mounts up and rushes in and starts their business.
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    Tends to happen if you shadowstep to hit the boss first before the tank is close.

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