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    Alliance [EU] [PvE] [Alliance] <Badacid> Pryewood Village is recruiting for TBC Classic

    Badacid : Alliance
    Raid System : 10-man / 25-man
    Guild Leader : Typhorm
    Officer 1 : Draacon
    Officer 2 : Zyraki
    Raid Leader : TBC
    Server : Pryewood Village PVE - EU
    Raid Schedule : TBC
    Date and Times : TBC

    We are recruiting for The Burning Crusade Classic, and will not have scheduled raids until the start of the new classic TBC expansion.

    Loot System : An easy no-fuss/no-drama system. Master Loot with /rolls prioritizing Main Spec over Offspec.

    Guild Description :

    Badacid is a casual raiding guild that is true to our name; we’re looking for skilled players who enjoy raiding but do not want the intense raiding schedule that a hardcore guild would require. Our goal is to get as many bosses down in a couple of periods during mid-week (Raid Schedule TBC). We don’t have all the time in the world, so every minute we’re raiding has to count.

    Expectations :

    We are looking for raiders with past experience who have a sense of humor, but will take the raiding hours seriously. Showing up every week on time is the most important thing a raider can do. After that, we expect a reasonable knowledge of the fights ahead of time, as well as consumables and proper enchants / gemming.

    We are looking for :
    · Good raid awareness and the ability to learn from mistakes.
    · Raiding experience a bonus but not essential.
    · Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates.
    · Be active on Discord / comms. We aim to create a convivial community and comms is key to breaking down barriers.


    Message us in game, join our discord for a chat or reply to this post.

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