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    [Concept] Mobile Menagerie Pet Battle App

    (I know this isn't some grand original idea, as this is likely confirmed to already be happening)
    (Some features of this concept are in Blizzards interest, and do not relate to my personal wants)

    Mobile Menagerie v1.0

    • Unique story mode with battles not available in the World of Warcraft MMO
    • Play through 8 chapters of battles, fighting through the some of the Shadowlands strongest. Recover the Winter Queens lost Wolf Serpent from the clutches of the Maw!
    • Chapter 1 will introduce new players to pet battles in a tutorial sort of story. Players must complete Chapter 1 in order to utilize battle pets from their personal collection in World of Warcraft.
    • Completing Chapter 1 awards you with 1 of 3 unique battle pets that you can raise throughout your journey through Shadowlands.
    • *This pet will not be unlocked for use in the World of Warcraft MMO until it reaches level 25.
    • Most story missions require stamina to enter. Stamina is a resource that will award every 30 minutes. Capping off at 20.
    • Most story missions have a chance to award Battle-Stones, Pet Traces (see below), and sometimes some Anima Diamonds (see below)
    • Obtain many unique pets from various methods
    • Most pet battles have a chance to award Pet Traces.
    • Pet traces are clues into locating some of the most elusive pets. Collect 10 Traces of a specific pet, to locate it, and catch it!
    • There are over 100 pets that can be obtained from Pet Traces, so make sure to collect them all!
    • Choose to scour any of the 4 realms of the Shadowlands for random wild pet battles. Utilizing the exact same catching mechanics as seen in World of Warcraft. (unlocked after Chapter 1) There might even be a pet or two that you couldn't find before.
    • Premium Anima Diamond currency, can be used to purchase some traces off the Black Market Pet Auction. Maybe that 10th trace you need can be found here?
    • Vendors will always be looking for your Anima Diamonds in exchange for Battle-Stones and Stamina Potions. I heard they even can provide you with more storage space for your battle pets!
    • All pets obtained from Mobile Menagerie, must be leveled to 25 before they will be unlocked for use in World of Warcraft.
    • Participate in Random matchmaking for PVP Battles!
    • Will randomly pair you with an opponent. Just like in World of Warcraft.
    • PVP battle rankings, updated daily. Group of 2000 players in each cube. Cubes are generated weekly. Try to be in the top 500 for some rewards!
    • Purchase Anima Diamonds using your Battle.net Account Balance! (yes I know, but if you think they won't do this, you are an idiot)
    • Buy packs of 100, 1000, or 10000.
    • Weekly special buying events can award unique color variants of many pets. These can be utilized by clicking the pet, and selecting the skin option to change.
    • Sync directly with your World of Warcraft account
    • Continue your progress towards various Achievements. Maybe finally getting that 1000 pet achievement?!
    • Battle pet storage in game, has been increased to 3000 for all players. Players that purchased items to expand their storage space, will be given additional storage space up to 4000!
    • Choose which of your characters will be taking part in your adventure. Story progress is shared between all characters, so feel free to swap them out.
    • Battle-Stones obtained in Mobile Menagerie will not be present or usable in World of Warcraft or vice versa at this time.
    • Complete daily pet battles from World of Warcraft
    • All daily quests for pet battles in World of Warcraft can be challenged directly through this app. Even awarding XP to the character you are adventuring with.
    • Dungeons will not be available at this time
    • Updated Interface in World of Warcraft, mirroring your Mobile Menagerie
    • You can now save teams to be used against specific trainers and battles.
    • Up to 500 teams can be saved, and you can add notes for each team.
    • Advanced filtering options are now available.

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    I feel like this "mobile pet battling app" is one of those things that people like to assume is just around the corner while it might never happen.

    For your idea specifically I don't think I like how you have unique pets you can gain in that stand alone app for the actual game, and that you can get rewards for pet battles, which would be usable in the main game. Sounds like yet another TCG situation after the app gets discarded and we end up with a limited supply of these pets. Overall I'd prefer for in-game stuff to be available only in the actual game. Not random mobile apps.

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