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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    And if people get mad at you and tell you they're going to block you just ask them to subscribe to your Patreon.
    Sometimes I wonder how many people do actually block me here

    Such a weird concept. "Oh no...I don't want to hear a different opinion"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    So you're saying you're not interested in an actual discussion, just looking for an echo chamber?
    Well said

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    What game company has been producing good games for multiple decades and still has the same people working there?

    What are you comparing Blizzard to here?
    It ignores such insignificant forces as time, entropy, and death

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Sometimes I wonder how many people do actually block me here

    Such a weird concept. "Oh no...I don't want to hear a different opinion"
    Happens a lot to me because people like to accuse me of being a Blizzdrone for having an opinion that isn't "hey fuck everything this company does 100% of the time no matter what." Pragmatism is a lost art and doesn't make you too many friends on this site. /shrug

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    Blizzconline2021's highlight moment for me was the reveal of Diablo2: Resurrected. They're in a dire need of fresh IPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Cunning Plan View Post
    Blizzconline2021's highlight moment for me was the reveal of Diablo2: Resurrected. They're in a dire need of fresh IPs.
    While I would love a WoW 2 with improved graphics I don't think they really need new IPs.

    Even if people here see in their tea leaves that Blizzard isn't succesful, they really are, because they know their core fanbase and that is the WoW and Diablo community.
    Hence they use these IPs for new games, stretching out from the MMO and Hack/Slash market, like Hearthstone and HoTS. This is smart, because it will attract the core and maybe it sticks. They are however realistic enough to see when it doesn't like with HoTS.

    Products like WoW Classic are genius. Not only has the community greedly demanded them for years, it also takes very little investment to get it running because people specifically wanted it unchanged. Blizzard literally got to sell a 16 year old product again, that is the dream of any company.

    After that it is really very unsurprising that Diablo 2 receives a remaster too. Not only are remasters and remakes a very common thing in the gaming industry (see RE2 Remake), but the Diablo Fans have been playing the shit out of D2 for decades and they will devour Resurrected for sure.

    So I would argue that because and not despite focussing on their core IPs while making experiments with different game types, Blizzard is as successful as it is.

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    Unfortunately, I agree.

    IMHO, this could be what happens when marketing people run your gaming company and game developers have no say. One can only bleed talent for so long before it is completely gone.

    Remakes and remasters are a good thing. IMO, they are the best thing Blizzard has going via Vicarious Visions. Now Vicarious Visions is incredible and talented and IMO they are putting that team on this separate project which IMO was the best news for Blizzard in a LONG time, and they need to keep that up. More talented developers, less meta-marketing.

    With the Tony Hawk 1+2 remake VV showed me that they know what makes a game good and where to make sacrifices in the name of modernity and where to draw the line. Fans didn't trust Blizzard with this in Classic, hence "no changes" among other reasons, but I trust VV to make those types of calls and I would say for old games, they should change them as they see fit. That is they type of trust Blizzard could rebuild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exsanguinate View Post
    With the mass of old games being remastered to feed the hungry nostalgic player and the criticism that blizzard receives for almost everything that has been released recently, I am not surprised. Blizzard simply lacks developers with a feeling for that certain something, developers who are children themselves and like to develop games, real games.

    Games are simply no longer developed out of passion or because developers obviously enjoy doing them, but only so that they don't end up in the red at the end of the year. How can you develop games without much effort to keep the player on the hook, this is what 99% of all game industries are pursuing today. And don't get me wrong, that's fine too. But with the amount with which players are just getting f*cked over it no longer funny.

    I also think it is not because blizzard doesn't want to create good games with effort anymore, they just can't. It feels like their games are currently being developed by lawyers and tax advisors instead of real developers with a burning passion for it.

    Just wanted to get rid of.

    The bolded parts are exactly what I have been saying about the video game industry for years now. Developing games is no longer about the passion but rather about making as much money as possible in the smallest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. Instead of making unique and creative single player story driven games, developers these days want to make copy-paste online multiplayer games because it's the easiest way to make money. They charge you for the game itself and then entice you with shiny DLC skins, buy-to-win type weapons and gear and in game currency to buy. It's a gold mine. They know what the average gamer mentality is these days and they take advantage of it.

    Video games, I think, had more soul back in the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox days. Hell, even back in the PS3/Xbox 360 days. Today it just feels purely like a money making business and that's it. I feel that it's even becoming like it's own Hollywood at this point with so many games trying to be like a movie with actual actors providing voice and facial features for their characters and they try so hard to pretend that it's not a video game by making it feel so "realistic", it's annoying. I'll take a Jak and Daxter or Timesplitters type game over any of these realistic cinematic games or online MMO looter-shooters any day.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exsanguinate View Post
    I never said I could do better. Can you only criticize if you make things better? Then your world view is quite paradoxical
    So this position of 'Blizzard cant create good games anymore' yet you continue to throw your currency and time at Blizzard, Why is that? Seem paradoxical if you ask me. If you weren't looking to have your mind changed, was this just some blog post that missed your blog and landed here?

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