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    Ret pallys pushing high keys - any tips?

    I have great burst and can top the charts with AW + Sepharim but off-cd I am struggling to maintain good dps. Any advice?

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    Need more info here,are you kyrian or vent?What are "high keys" for you?What legendary do you have...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FakePizza View Post
    Need more info here,are you kyrian or vent?What are "high keys" for you?What legendary do you have...
    I am venthyr, looking at +12 to +15 region.

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    Go empyrean power and Divine purpose. Never Seraphim in mythic+. You will have great aoe and sustain dmg even when no cds ready.

    And play Kyrian, it will up your dps by 500 overall in dungs.

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    Play a different class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faesroll View Post
    Play a different class
    best advice ever, now can you kys pls?

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    Paladin has been always known for their excellent burst dps but mediocre sustained one. I belive you are having the same experience as most Retrys out there. Don’t know if there is a build more focused in sustained dps but then you would lose part of your burst and overall it might be worse.

    The tips should be given by you! How a non meta dps spec is pushing high keys at all? Looks ppl strugles a lot to find keys if they are not FMage BDruid or MHunter

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    1.Righteous Verdict
    2.Empyrean Power
    3.Pick what you want really,I would go with Fist of justice
    4.Unbreakable Spirit
    5.Divine Purpose
    6.Selfless Healer
    7.Santified Wrath

    I would guess you also have divine storm legendary.

    Thats what i use for my ret spec,going for all +15 for ret now then moving to prot as final spec.I would suggest that you do not hold on to cds.If theres big enough group pop wings and start with divine storm spam.Ret can do insane amount of damage,do not listen to the usual "lol ret,reroll nab..." idiots that say otherwise.Ret is more than capable clearing +15 np in pugs.

    I'm not sure what soulbinds/conduits are there for venthry,but everything comes down to timing your cds and know when you will get most use out of it.Some affixes you might think you need to be more careful or step out for a moment....use your BUBBLES and stay in to dps.

    Also use those instant heals you get,its better to spend your global to heal up instead of risk dying in certain situations
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    Check Raider.io Mythic leaderboard for Retries High keys
    Pushing 18+ Keys
    Using SERA/ES/FR (Kyrian) (ringing Clarity) (Virtuous Command)
    took me while to adapt the mechanics in each dungeon
    IMO, having mini burst every minute and big burst every 2 minutes felt way better than Dp especially in Tyrannical affix .

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    I think the best feature of this xpac is how I want to be kyrian for ret and venth for prot. Oh well looks like Blizz had other plans.

    Yea, I know, kyrian works well for prot too, but I'm the jackass that listened to all the morons telling me it won't matter. Ha.

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