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    I'll add in my two cents about the combat being the only real issue I can think of.

    It's the biggest thing keeping me from going deep into the game, despite me liking a lot of different things about it. But when I have to fight, it feels just a bit off for me. I don't know why specifically either. Is it just the way I move or the feel of my abilities in the game, and how it's not quite like how I liked it in WoW? I don't know. The animations are pretty flashy which can be fine sometimes but it can be a bit much.

    I don't even mind the longer GCD but I also don't look forward to have more and more buttons to deal with, the closer to max level. Which I see a bunch full of in the wiki page of some classes/jobs. Granted, I don't know how they'll play into the rotation. If it's just a ton of button juggling for the sake of it, then I dunno.

    TBH, I'm not really that big of a fan of WoW's combat entirely. But to me, they set the standard of action bar combat. Similar system make me draw comparisons. Which is why I'd prefer if other MMOs went a different way for combat. But while SL's still in a limbo until the next patch, so I'll see if things change for me as I get further in FF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorrior View Post
    This is why you don't see me championing the game bow i used too..the war changes COMPLETELY altered the feel and the flow of skills while leveling jusy feels off.

    If they HAD to lower the number of dkills on a bar i'd much rather they had used traits to merge some skills(see warrior having berserk and another skill whose name i forhet merged)

    But as is? Yeeah war went from probably the most fun class i have played in ages(if not ever..and i include 2.0 here) to just blah blandness..

    Then as i said how they changed what skills we get just no. it was so perfectly built up to 50 and for the most part after. We felt complete and as if more got you don't feel complete for much much longer

    I really hope they address these things sooner then later
    Like when I hear people say that Shadowbringers is the pinnacle of the game -- I am very questionable about it. Sure, the story is great and scenic and amazing. But the battle systems are starting to feel just more and more subpar. I think in the quest of balancing and accessibility, homogenization and simplification isnt the correct path to go because it overall lowers both the skill floor and skill ceiling which can impact the longevity of the game itself.

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