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    I've twinked out for timewalks ever since they started. The number of others I've seen that were twinked out I could count with 1 hand. Most people don't understand the system or why I do over 50% of the DPS half the time. Half the fools ignore me when I suggest, Hey HoA and BfA cloak, I know you kept them.

    Best thing you could do for whatever group you join is pull your Hear of Azurite and 3 pieces of Azurite gear (you sold them like everyone else didnt you?) out of the bank (also if you have the BfA rank 15 or Panda leggo cloak) and to have your shadowlands leggo. Hell, I only use 2 pieces of Shadowlands gear, love the repair bills. Legendaries, items with set bonuses, items with gem slots, items with extra abilities are all great. I love my proc set. Uber trinkets are good too. Not not necessary (but pull your damn HoA out of the love of god.) Enchants don't hurt either. Doesn't even need to be one from this expansion...

    We went through both BT and Ulduar in this expansion with little problems. Maybe it helps that I was in the group to explain important Illidan mechanics (manage the STDs and EVERYONE gets in the big circle while battling elements.) Some bosses had mechanics, but for the most part we just plowed through most with none knowing what to do. But I think that also having access to a good timewalking piece or two (bfa neck and cloak) helps compared to previous expansions. Some groups wont let you in without the Heart these days.
    Honestly, I would like of people did the opposite. TW encounters die too fast, some you don't even get to see all the proper mechanics. It would be cool if DPS weren't high or if the significantly buffed the bosses. Having everybody wear "BiS" timewalking gear to melt a boss goes against the spirit of the event if you ask me. I have some old legendaries (Valanyr, Tarecgosa, Rogue Daggers) and never use them for timewalking.
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