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    My disappointment

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    IMHO gaming company stocks are very hard to invest in. You almost never see the market react the way you think it would based on your own knowledge and expectations.

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    Blizzard is not Activision-Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), King and especially Activision games like Call of Duty franchise are way more important in terms of revenue.

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    The vast majority of Activision / Blizzard stock is owned by institutional investors; hedge funds, pension funds, stuff like that. If you truly believe that the managers of those funds are sitting at home and watching Blizzcon to inform their buy/sell decisions you aren't really approaching this with any sense of how it works in the real world. Never mind that Blizzard itself is a minority of Activision's revenue streams. King Digital (Candy Crush and other titles) and the Call of Duty franchise account for a much larger share of ATVI revenue than Blizzard.

    Simply comparing monthly active users from the last financial report Blizzard by itself had 29 million MAU's in the 4th quarter. King Digital had something like 240 million MAU's. The Call of Duty franchise accounted for around 100 million MAU's.

    So, no. Blizzcon had practically no impact at all on stock price ups-and-downs. Blizzard these days is a significant but not even close to a majority driver of ATVI's financials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post
    Not terribly surprising. TBC was already known, Diablo Remaster was already known, and they managed to come up with nothing else for any IP but Hearthstone.

    If your big yearly event has nothing but remasters and rereleases your stock price probably isn't going to be going up afterwards
    you mean like every other year at blizzcon? the year that there is a new wow xpac launching has nothing of any substance. people thinking this year would be any different are pretty dumb.

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