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    Question Torghast Solo Twisting Corridors advice

    I'm at level 7 of the Twisting Corridors now and it really seems that if I don't come across enough defensive anima powers then bosses start to kill me as soon as my evasion wears off around level 9. I've been playing as Outlaw and if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it.

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    Grapple hook build makes everything pretty much trivial. Make sure you start off with the 400% bonus to finishing moves after grapple hook, then look for the talents that reduce the CD of grapple hook by 6sec and give 1 combo point, and the talent that gives you 15 sec of cloak, crimson vial, feint, or evasion upon the use of grapple hook. This pretty much makes you unkillable. You can grapple hook like every 4sec or something.
    I would also start with the talents Retractable hook, and Elusiveness.

    You can also suppliment this with the crimson vial reductions, combined with the 6 sec of evasion, feint , or cloak of shadows.

    Just to reinterate, with this build you can maintain Evasion, Cloak, feint, and crimson vial all at the same time indefinately.
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    granted i did not push far into TW so my experience may not be applicable for higher layers but i feel like assassination has better survivability than outlaw, higher leech, you can kite a lot while still doing dmg with bleeds but yeah stacking that vial cd power + random buff on use is a way to go, you can make it with 100% uptime on evasion or cloak
    maybe its also a good idea to swap in conduit that reduces vial energy cost so you dont use all your energy trying to get a desirable buff ?

    you also get a lot of haste buffs which make assa much more fun to play
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    I did it as subtlety, I find subtlety's self-healing is by far the best in torghast since it scales with total hp so I would take every max hp% power I could find and that helped a lot. I would try to get the mawrats give 2% hp power as early as possible since by the later floors I'd want to be over 200k hp. Other than that, it's good to aim for 0 cooldown vial, get shadowstep/hook cd as low as possible and use it with the power that grants cloak/evasion/feint for 15 secs and the 400% finisher one. Outlaw probably struggles more on earlier floors due to less inherent self-healing, but it will catch up later on when most healing comes from anima powers.

    it's also worth picking up the vanish resets skill cooldowns 15secs power, and stacking a few of them. If you are fast you can vanish mid boss fight and get back most of your cooldowns.

    When I finished TC the 150% chain link power was still bugged and it made it really hard to do enough damage later on, it should be a lot easier now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by intenz View Post
    If you are fast you can vanish mid boss fight
    Not solo you can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celfydd View Post
    Not solo you can't.
    Yes you can... and it doesn't even require a macro.

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    Ok, i am 216 ilvl now, and layer 8 recommends something like 195 with 9.0.5.

    I don't know if it's the latest nerfs or anything, but layer 8 is a cakewalk now. It's been months since i last did it though, so i may have misses changes here and there. I'm just gonna do it to rake up ash for eventual future new crafts.
    You tried, and you failed. What have you learned? That's better not to try at all.

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    If you take every single hp% increase and the 5% heal that you can get your hands on. All you can do is pray to rngsus and try again.
    I failed lvl 6 twice because i didnt get more than 80k hp. Then 7 and 8 first try where i got 250-300k.
    Hp is Alpha omega when youre a squishy rogue that dont have a 1shot cheese build.
    Ignore every other power If you got a choice to increase hp. Untill youre at 200k.

    Grapple hook, crimson ville defensive activation powers Are ok, but what good is it if it keeps giving you feint or cloak when the boss i stun DR and slaps you with 50k autoattacks. I certainly wont prio Them over hp or a decent offensive power.
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    The grappling hook tactic works really well. You want to reduce the cooldown (3) times and pick the talent that does so as well. Also get the Anima power that increases damage for grappling hook by 400%_

    Also, I found since there are 18 floors, the floor wide power scale pretty stupidly. Even the +hp power can get pretty bad by floor 18, so I always take the time to reset the instance at the start over and over until I get the "chance to spawn adds" aura and a good starting power. You can do this on the Twisting Corridors, but not the soul weekly runs. I got really lucky on my layer 7 run and got the "chance to spawn adds" aura at floor 1 and floor 7.

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