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    This has nothing to do with wow, its people being racist online with other racists, ofc it sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu fhtagn View Post
    One of the alleged people is a Limit raider.
    Who is the Limit raider mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Chozo View Post
    Y'all who normalize this shit with stuff like "who cares?", "I doubt they are actually racist" need to make a better effort to understand that we shouldn't tolerate any form of racism.

    If you don't see how those people are being racist, then you are part of the problem. A different part, but still part.

    Racism is vile. Yes, we know it may be common, but it's still there, and those players should still be held responsible (by Blizzard or Discord) for their behaviour.
    do you want a policeman in your own house too in case you ever say something politically incorrect in that private setting?

    catch them denying a applicant because of racism and then there might be an issue if it's an incorporated guild, but until then it's just people in a private setting doing private things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Short View Post
    what do we care what they do in the privacy of their own discord channel?

    I've had more hostility and prejudice come from some toxic white-knight clique that feels the need to destroy anything and everything they deem inappropriate, regardless of if it actually is.

    so if some edge lords want to drop some cringe memeable shit in their discord channel why should we care? not like they're actively planning a lynching...

    I remember that, shit had me laughing I know he mentally punched himself right after that.

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    Gamers gonna game

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    Most of them are just idiots who are having some kind of locker room talk or want to shock people by saying something incredibly inappropiate. There are far bigger problems in the world than this nonsense. People using a "forbidden" word, which is used repeatedly everywhere even in the top music charts...with lyrics gloryfying violence, drugs etc...but somehow people buy the excuse that this is some kind of art, while you see sht happening because of this in real life on a daily basis.
    It might be shocking but what people say in a virtual environment anonymously does not always reflect their true beliefs. Also this is not a problem of the wow community, it has been around since the invention of online gaming. Imagine, I have been called a dirty jew on an Ultima Online freeshard back in the days...and that my parents and I should have been gassed to death in Auschwitz.
    That was on a rp-server over 20 years ago where you had to fill out an application and write several pages of backstory to your character...and even there you found assholes like this.

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    Oh no, some no name guilds have toxicity. In other news, water is wet. More at 11.
    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    How the fuck is this trolling?

    Discussing moderation is against the rules. Infracted.

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    What's the point of this topic?

    You can't mute someone/anyone.

    You don't like someone- don't play with him/them. Simple as that.

    Let people say/think WHAT THEY WANT!
    If you "mute" something, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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    Okay? And what are we supposed to do with this information?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom;53040574[B
    ]Who gives a fuck?[/B] Are they actively getting in other people's faces (especially minorities they might be hateful against) or are they just being white trash amongst themselves? Don't get me wrong, I despise Trump, but just leave the toxic snakes alone. Let them think they're big important fish in a video game instead of being dicks in the real world.

    LMAO who?

    See above. One guild is in top 50 World, the other isn't top 100. Where's our article about racism in Counterstrike or other FPS voicechats?

    Oh yeah, these are some quality people, fucking Pepe the Frog in one of the discord images. Who cares.

    Sounds like a self correcting problem. If the community doesn't put up with this shit, over time, it will go away. Or be forced into PRIVATE chat channels as they already seem to be according to this article - not one mention of trade chat offenses. As long as the players are being toxic inside guild chat or discord, and not broadcasting it to public channels, just leave toxic idiots alone.

    You get Trump when you try and flush them out too much and not enough live and let live goes on. If you make people feel "unjustly oppressed", of course they're more likely to vote for bad actors, or pull stunts like the Capitol Siege. You can't force people to be broad minded and tolerant. All you get when you try is blowback, and the only time when such things should be done is over real issues, like Blacks not being able to vote before the Voting Rights Act, or Black people being killed by cowardly cops in the modern era. Not someone saying mean things in a video game inside their own spheres.
    Their sponsors as they rise in the ranks, also their audience if they are streaming, the hosting service as well for their streams.

    The fact of the matter is that the higher you rise into the "professional video gaming" community then the greater the burden on you there is to not be a piece of crap.

    So yeah, you should care.

    Just last year Method blew up because they took a "who cares?" attitude towards MethodJosh who was grooming children. The guild could have easily also blown up over hot mics with them using racial slurs with just a small number of the guild. It's activity that is going to be completely and totally unacceptable by the broader community and the sponsors that pay their salaries.

    Also someone mentioned CounterStrike, yeah, just a few weeks ago a pro team got banned for a racially charged private discord, followed by a non-apology.

    If you're going to make gaming your job then don't do anything that would get you fired and if you're approaching world 100 let alone world 50 then gaming is your job and you and your organization will face repercussions based on your behavior in your private life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demsi View Post
    okay? And what are we supposed to do with this information?
    you have to be totally outraged and offended dood!

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    Oh no!! People sharing edgy memes and using bad words in private discords with their friends!! Oh no!! This is terrible!! Anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcusblood View Post

    From my experience, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Once I was in a discord with some black people and they said racist things
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    "Aren't you worried?"
    "Would it help?"

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    Are you new to gaming community ?

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    We've had a social inquisition going for a good number of years now, making plenty of headlines in both mainstream and gaming media; how can there still be people who think they can get away with this shit? I mean, other than the overtly racist stuff I kinda get it, one tends to go deliberately overboard in crass tone when talking with de boyz. Just, the competitive scene ain't it. Very little is truly private when you're in a competitive group that actively gets recruits from outside your circle.
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    The thing is...wile its ofc true that a bunch of people will be sexist/racist\homophobic etc,you cant really avoid that in a world with so many people...i mean in 2020 the flat earth movement has been larger than ever before,same with anti vaxers,people that believe in idiots who have radios that talk to the dead etc

    another problem we have that isnt always mentioned is that....a lot of the people who do use those words...are not always 'ists...for many people its simple word of habbit,as a child i found myself falling in to the bad habbit of using bad words not because i believed in them but because either i was hearing them all the time so it bacem normal,or i knew it would cause the most offence to someone

    also to people saying this is an american thing....yeah the N word is,but you are EXTREMLY naive if you think the eu isnt the same or worse,specialy in eastern europe homophobia and sexism is as natural as breathing sadly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellobolis View Post
    do you want a policeman in your own house too in case you ever say something politically incorrect in that private setting?
    Did you read the article before defending the hate? It is also a reddit thread as well if you'd rather look at the stuff there. Most of the stuff said shouldn't even be said in private. Stuff like these people mentioned shouldn't be tolerated at any time as there is no reason for it. There are plenty of less offensive things to say if you are angry and upset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Easyclassictopkeklel View Post
    you have to be totally outraged and offended dood!
    No, you have to call it out and not be "Whatever man people be racist"

    "BUT MUH DISCORD" isn't an excuse, more so if its on the crimes that Method had to respond to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellobolis View Post
    do you want a policeman in your own house too in case you ever say something politically incorrect in that private setting?

    catch them denying a applicant because of racism and then there might be an issue if it's an incorporated guild, but until then it's just people in a private setting doing private things.
    the thing is they didnt just say stuff to a friend in a private setting,they said stuff in streams,in public chats,stuff thausands of people could see,its like someone making a viral video about your mom being all kinds of nastly stuff and calling her names,and then when you get angry,you have people like you coming and saying ''you mad speech bruh...lady dust protest to much bruh?''

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