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    1 hand / shield ir Staff

    Hey guys! So, i have a 1hand weapon and a shield both ilvl 194 and a staff ilvl 203, which should i use? Cheers

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    For what? If you're talking about PvP, it's probably not worth giving up the armor from the shield, but for PvE there's no difference in stats between a 2h and 1h+shield at the same itemlevel. In other words, use whichever has the higher ilvl as a general rule of thumb. Secondaries might also play a role depending on the ilvl gap.
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    Prob a good idea to post the names of the items and your class/spec to be sure, but almost certainly the 203 staff.

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    Rule of thumb is a 2h has the same amount of stam & primary stat as a 1h and an off-hand/shield but if all pieces involved have the exact same secondary stats on it, the 2h will have more of them because for some reason 2h weapons are allotted more secondary stats than using a 1h with something in your offhand. But unless the staff is heavy on mastery and another bad stat for you, the staff will probably be the better option.

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    ilvl always prio. Would be cool to see stats anyway. In general theres no diff between 1h+off vs 2h in stats on same ilvl. Yeah maybe lower shield is better for PVP but dunno this matter.

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    That depends if you're planning on getting hit.

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    The 1 hand and shield contain vers and mastery, the staff contains mastery and haste, my goal is mythic+

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    Prio versa and crit or ilvl.

    You definitely want a shield for pvp and even open world. Use the staff unless stats are worse for other pve.

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    would like to see a list of what sorts of PVE damage are physical, to evaluate what the extra armor of a shield is getting you.
    for example, the bit where Lord Chamberlain tosses a pillar at you and you don't dodge it, IIRC that's physical damage.

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    If you dont play pvp, then always go for highest ilvl, doesnt matter if its shield or staff.

    If you play pvp always get a shield. It's huge vs any melee.

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    staff just doesnt feel very shaman i dont like it

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    Whichever one has better stats unless it's pvp

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    staff just doesnt feel very shaman i dont like it
    I second this. Shaman should have a shield and a 1h.

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