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    I know I'm in the small minority, but I have a Thirst for Burst, it's so entertaining to watch someone basically die and not know what just hit them.

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    A lot of burst can be played around though, and a core part of PvP is trading just enough defensives and trinkets to survive without overdoing it. Not saying that every source of burst is fair, but some people literally don't react fast enough when other players see it coming several seconds before. Some of the rogue "one shot builds" are really dumb and a few of them can be countered, but I don't think anyone thinks its fun to play against assassination rogues that setup properly and take you from 100% to dead in a GCD.

    I won't go through it all, but I think a big problem is the amount of control in the game and not necessarily the amount of burst. It's sort of disgusting that fire mages have more CC than frost mages. Fire mage can literally CC with three different schools of magic so interrupting any of them just makes them go to the next in line. The game would probably be a lot better if ring of frost wasn't a thing for fire, or if dragon's breath didn't have the CC effect attached to it without the talent (taking the talent that buffs dragon's breath would be a huge choice, because currently they all take the extra charge of fire blast that additionally reduces the CD of it by 2 seconds). Guardian affinity for druids is also a little much TBH, considering the CD is super short, it's AoE, and it's instant. If it had a longer CD or forced you to use the global to go into bear before using it, it would probably be more balanced.

    IDK. Burst "meta" is a bit more fun to me than long drawn out dampening games (even though super high level players still have mostly dampening games). Still doesn't erase the fact that even in high level games, people can still get randomly deleted, but at least when they're playing in tournaments and shit it's a "best of x series", so it usually evens out in the end. To me some classes just have an oppressive amount of hard CC, and a lot of it when compared to other classes just has a pretty short CD and is sometimes just instant. Just my experience playing around the 2350-2500 level.

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    Some classes are just lightyears behind other meta classes, changing burst specifics won't fix that, as they simply got huge design flaws in pvp that hinders them to compete with the higher tier classes.

    You won't find many hunters, dhs and warlocks in 3s competing, and there are obvious reasions for that, wouldn't be surprised, if blizzard buffs them next season, just to have a fresh meta game. All of them got burst right now, its just not enough to compete.

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    I honestly think PvP has never been in a worse state than now. Some classes kill entire full-geared groups of players in 2 seconds, and they absolutely never have to stop. Ferals and Rogues for example need such a gigantic nerf to their damage, it's ridiculous. You can't even outrun anyone, as they have so many survival tools that they themselves just can't die.

    I don't even know how anyone could think the current situation is even remotely okay. Everything needs a big 50% damage nerf, if not more. When 9.1 hits and damage is even higher, they just have to do something. Or am I supposed to die in 1 second by then? There is too much burst damage, there is too little downtime and there are too many survival tools. Everything just sucks right now. It's not fun. At all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Expert View Post
    Oh hey, let's open with a stupid comment... What on-demand, reliable, instant CC does an enhancement shaman get baseline? Are you going to say the AoE stun totem that can be avoided multiple ways, or the CASTED hex... a melee who has to CAST a CC, which on top of that has a 20 sec CD. No, let's not pretend that all classes have CC because if it's not a VIABLE CC for the class then it's as good as none. It's obvious that you don't know what you are talking about, but keep on dispensing advice...

    Great, more generic "advice" that you seem to believe makes it seem as though you are in-th-know when you are completely clueless. There are plenty of players streaming their games, which play CC-heavy classes, that demonstrate the ability to lock a player down for 15+ sec or more. How are you going to "play around that"? You're not. That's why you're here making stupid comments.

    Right, clicking convoke is hard. If you had a learning curve for that one I pity you.

    Now he's disputing my combat log... LOL You're not playing on "glad" level. You're playing in your own delusional world. My char is around 200 ilvl with 20% res. Rets can hit for 20-25K. So can rogues in certain specs. What do you gain by pretending like that isn't a thing?

    Again with the nonsense... do you really think that if they doubled stamina they wouldn't or couldn't adjust healing? Arenas could be fixed by replacing dampening with a buff to damage that increases the same way dampening currently does. Why should classes which are "tuned" around self-healing be assured a loss if some cuck resetters decide the only way they can win is by dragging out the match for 20-30 mins? The point of dampening was to prevent long matches so WTF would they reduce healing instead of just increasing damage?

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    Who cares, bro? Most people are not playing "at the top" they are playing in the same heap where braindead druids who put "convoke" on their action bar and nothing else live. And it's not limited to balance; feral has it too and arguably can use it more effectively ... which contributes to the already broken build they can do using tanking covenant and lege so they're almost unkillable. I agree, L2P and stop relying on broken classes to carry you to 1400 for the first time ever.

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    Why not? It's quite obvious that he, like most players, don't want a game that goes from being matches where nobody dies to matches where getting globaled is routine.

    No, not really. You're not being "outplayed" when you die before the game mechanics even allow you to react. A GCD is 1.5 sec. You can be dead in 1-2 GCDs. You literally have 3 seconds to react, and in that time you can at most do two things. The burst is less of a problem for a class that gets a damage immunity or some kind of escape, but if you play something like enhancement shaman you get none of those things and you think you are "outplaying" me by stunning and getting a kill in the span of the stun? No, you are delusional.

    Well, you're a prime example. It's obvious you've chosen one of the FOTM classes that are exceptionally broken, like ret or druid, and suddenly believe you are a skilled pvper who's outplaying everyone. LOL

    Yeah dude, stroke that strawman... because there is no middle ground. Either 40 min matches or 1 min matches. There can be nothing but extremes.

    are you seriously complaining about enha shamans? top 2 strongest melee in SL? hex is one of the most reliable CCs in the game, especially this season with priests and pallys dominating the healing scene, no dispel outside of playing with mage or boomie you're clearly bad

    i mean, if convoke had no learning curve, every single boomie in the game would be 3200+ rating? which isnt the case, so your argument falls flat?
    Positioning so it only hits one target, using it when enemy cc/kick is not available etc. ? there is no learning curve to pressing any button in wow? stupid logic

    200 ilvl is TERRIBLE?! you literally get 197 ilvl 1 hour after you ding? lmao what are you talking about?
    sure rets can hit for 25k, especially on as bad gear as you have, but its also super telegraphed with 2-3 globals before it even happens, track enemy casts/cds and prepop a cd, or run... like every good player does

    Its obvious that you're just bad at the game, if you expect to compete at equal level with 200 ilvl

    i imagine you want to do competetive dps in a raid with a newly dinged toon vs multiple week raiders/mythic geared people

    nice logic

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