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    Have experienced two mergers. First went fine, a small remainder of another guild roster joined ours. Pretty much what we were missing so together we were once complete working guild.

    Then a bigger merger. In that case; no. Feelings were hurt on the bench and officers' ideologies didn't match. Cutting Edge came with a price.
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    There is no such thing as a successful merger. There are often dozens of expectations, most of which are exclusive.

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    Nope, guild failed due to drama.

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    I've been in two merges and they failed in a long run. In both cases officers couldn't get into agreement and too many people were unhappy about being either benched (while being used to raid every boss/night) or being put in "Team 2". Both cases resulted in disbanding after few weeks.

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    Hm like 2 or 3 times in vanilla and like once tbc. All went pretty good. In vanilla my 2nd guild merge with other and that guild became top guild throu vanilla and tbc. Last time on classic we merged with others but that was hell a drama place xD I dunno guild exist maybe 12 hours lol.

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    Guilds that don't merge fail too. What's the average lifespan of a guild?
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    My guild leader just mentioned that she is looking to merge our guild in with another one if she can find any takers, so this thread is quite well timed for me. Having read these stories, I can't deny being more & more nervous about it. Seems more like an absorption though from how it has been described, and that at least has gone well once for me in the past.

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    Guild merger I was in started mid BRF era where one person managed to destroy the entire guild by ninjaing the blackhand mount the very first time they killed him. Still building up till around Nighthold were now it was only 20 people they wanted and everyone could fuck off and they wouldn't care. Cared more about pushing content than actually trying to be a guild.

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