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    I'm not trying to be a jerk by asking this; I am legitimately ignorant...

    Is there anyone who actually cares about this?
    Considering that the video got only 1132 likes so far, I guess not many people care about this.

    I personally do like skill competitions, but this is just boring to me still. It is a lot less about skill than to routinely repeat what you've been doing for the last three month. For me that's about as interesting as watching a group of bots repeating their instructions for the nth time, and that's a clear hint that no real skill is required aside from the degree of being able to mindlessly repeat something over and over again.

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    No one cares about any of wow's attempt at e-sports if they stayed on twitch they could of had more viewers but even then it wouldn't generate interest, one of the commentators on the PvP side of it is always screaming like he has seen a mouse and makes noises when nothing is happening really off putting, and M+ commentators are too afraid to step out line and are so generic.

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    Well, I guess Im one of the few that enjoys this. I always watch the streams and I find them very good. Obviously it would be a bit more fun if they were on a sceene and you could watch them
    like on the Global Finals. Still, a Big fan of the MDI. It's impressive to see the skill that these player has got. I'm sure there are many ways you could challenge them like forcing a spec. comp etc. But in all its great!

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