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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlordd View Post
    WoW is no longer an MMORPG technically...

    No, it still qualifies. You don't get to define industry terms just to suit your complaints. I might agree that it's not much of an RPG any longer but even there, it still qualifies.

    Most MMO's that have been around for a while are doing OK. You can't measure MMO 'success' by the freakish early response to WoW, which has never even been close to equaled by anyone.

    I'll agree that the genre is in a tougher place than it used to be but hardly for any of the reasons to be found in the OP. That said, I loathe data mining but a clever company can use it to their advantage; keep hidden the stuff they want, expose what they imagine will help sell games. I presume that since you're against any of the game being exposed ahead of time you want public betas to stop too. Not a great idea.

    EDIT: Completely sign on to Finata's post at #2.
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