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    Which trinkets now as human?

    Lol Ive been trying to gear my shadow priest (as a returner after 8-10 years) and I just naturally assumed that the human racial did it all for pvp.

    I took failed escapes as just me 49 year old hands not being quick enough until 1 time I definitely had it off cooldown, and definitely hit it but didn’t escape!

    SO I noticed then that coolodwn is 3 minutes and also it says stun effects rather than all loss of control effects.

    So what’s the consensus for human in pvp? Do you need the trinket? I did.a scan of the leaderboards and notice no single preference. SOme are running the trinket, some get the 20% cc reduction and the on-use or stat proc one. (Ive obviously twigged the 2 piece set bonus for vers so will take 2 pvp trinkets but which 2?)

    My feeling is that in a BG where you get stomped by 6 horde, having an extra trinket is a waste, you are going to die anyway, but in arena where staying alive is prio number 1 it might be all the difference?

    Is there anywhere that gives a list of what’s covered by the racial and what isn’t? SO many new classes to the game since I left like DH that I just haven’t a clue what’s in their toolbox.

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    You get relentless and medallion and alternate depending on enemy comp

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