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    Have you tried progressing past +10?
    Progressing past +10 if you’re not in an organized group is like jumping into a flaming cauldron of dragon poop.

    I’m at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazlartist View Post
    My reason is I’m at work and stand up all day except on breaks! What’s yours?
    MMOC is way more entertaining than retail WoW, as far as I am concerned.
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    The Jailer's first ever appearance involved chucking him [Baine] off a cliff for being too shit to even qualify as a Maw trash mob.

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    Eating and playing WoW doesn't make for a fun time.

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    nothing to do in the game right now...

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    Unsubbed since dec 2020. It's already that boring that fast. Done 15+ craps, Done few mythic raid bosses. Guild break apart. Pvp isn't balanced. Holy hell what the fuck is this xpac?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    Progressing past +10 if you’re not in an organized group is like jumping into a flaming cauldron of dragon poop.

    I’m at work.
    I'm pugging and just hit 1300 as a melee dps. Just gotta work a little harder

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    Now that renown is capped finally, ive got that itch to resub and play again (at my own pace), but i really want to get through the story in ff14 and wow is just soooooooo accessible. I can flip it on, do a calling or three, run a torghast, finish my weeklies and i know that if i do, im coming back to ff14 in a month or two completely clueless and terrified how to play my ninja/whm again. This is the absolute strength of wow. Whilst the knowledge i still have literal months of fun and engaging content ahead of me (not even remotely end game - im in literally no hurry, im 80 hours in and my whm is 37 and my ninja is 33, i wont even mention all the trades or other jobs i could pick up - msq is still around 24 (i just saved the sylphid granny) is the strength of ff14. Its so fun having both oscillating. Nov-Jan was wow's time. Now its ff14. Once 9.1 releases, we'll be back again facing the same dilemma... honestly, my primary focus is really to see just how long i can drag ff14 out doing events, dungeons, trust system and everything else. Its so fun. But that pull back to wow is always there...

    Oh, i should also mention this, the problem and also the best thing about SLs right now (earlier post), is that the longer i stay unsubbed, the more stuff awaits me when i come back. For example, had i stayed subbed post Jan 20th, id be doing about three hours of gameplay a week finishing my weeklies. Now, almost two months later, i can jump into heroics (formerly dead content), torghast (formerly unrewarding content), pvp (formerly almost dead content - just need a few upgrades), lfr (dead content - again, just need cosmetics) and callings (absolutely a gold reward which i never cared about). Now i get renown on top of all that for catch-up. Thats at least two weeks of a sub. I also get valor which i admit i have nothing to spend on, but perhaps i could get brave and join an M0 for drops. No matter what, there's just more stuff for me to do and i can do it all at my own pace. Its genuinely alluring (not to mention my alts and the other three covenant stories).
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    Because I’m at the vet with my dog

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    Because I can't render things and play Wow in high fps at the same time :P

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    The raid times for my guild werent as good for me as I thought...and they're effectively why I came back. Finding another guild feels kinda wrong, and I don't like SL's dungeon's enough to just grind mythic+'s all day.

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    You think you don't, but you do

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