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    Quote Originally Posted by DazManianDevil View Post
    Correct, and just for science I checked out a recent Hungering kill of mine and a MM I play along side with.
    I got 47 procs of Wild Spirits as BM, he got 49 and each of his hits did roughly 2x the damage.
    Since this is supposed to work off of abilities (Hunter and Pet) I, with higher haste and globals used, plus no Aimed shot/Steady shot GCD loss; you'd think I'd get more hits in the same time frame. Alas, that's not the case.

    Not saying this will kill the spec, but if I read the bug fix correctly it will hurt a lot and may force legendary diversity, or hell even a swap to Venthyr with that juicy 25% Kill Shot on flayed buff. Time will tell!
    Venthyr will, unfortunately, probably never be desirable since it’s purely ST focused.

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    They did the same fix to bm at the start of the expansion where pets were hitting stuff twice in wild spirits so I wonder why it took them this long to fix MM.

    I still think m+ should give 226 valor gear upgrades for +17 or so in time
    And there should be valor points for 226 gear for mythic raid bosses.

    PvP players had 10 more ilvls than PvE this whole time.
    Our pvp girl in the guild is now at 228 ilvl. While the mythic raiders are at 220.

    PvE Gearing is broken atm.

    The Great Vault also need some improvement.
    I'm getting no upgrades for 4 weeks now, and I always do my 10 dungeons on 14+. Can't be that PvPlers get 2 upgrades each week and pve has to hope for slot machine.

    Upgrade cap should be 220 for everyone or 226 for everyone.
    If this is the direction the game is going I won't be playing pve anymore until I got my pvp gear next season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomeEU View Post
    PvP players had 10 more ilvls than PvE this whole time.

    PvE Gearing is broken atm.
    The PVP meta is even more restrictive for specs/classes as the PVE M+ mini-game. I would rather just go full casual with the game or take a break, before I would force myself into the reroll stupidity.

    M+ reroll to the meta each season is allready stupid in this MMO, but PVP goes way beyond anything you would want to do in your gaming time. Why people choose this style of playing in an MMO is something I dont get. Many other games do it so much better without the MMO and RPG bagage.
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    It's crazy to me the amount of balancing to Torghast compared to regular class abilities.

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    Those Shaman changes... like... WTF?! How far must he have been of the scale to get such a massive buff?

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    Radiant Spark (Kyrian) damage increased by 20%. Yes please

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    Too bad, the ship has sailed for me. Covenant races being playable, way more customization options and solo queue is what would make be sub again. This glorified balance patch should have happened two months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    What is your point? All decent games keep having updates.. always. It is nothing new.
    Maybe if you're under the age of 20, sure. I'll even extend a branch and go to age 30.

    Stop accepting this as 'fact' or 'truth' and find it within yourself to know we've released games at 100% completed stage before. But forget that, how can we create a game in constant bug state while getting people to pay for those bugs to exist.

    This forum would cease to exist if it went back to the way it was. To think, I'm waiting on a patch for Earthroom Jim, or ET. Hell, even ET was completed before it was released on atari. Sh!t.

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